In this issue, make JavaScript fundamentals, promises, TypeScript, Ember, CSS Regions and more.
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October'sTop Articles & Tutorials

JavaScript Fundamentals

Azat Mardanov walks through some of what makes JavaScript uniquely expressive and occasionally frustrating.
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A Simple Visual Model for Promises

Vittorio Zaccaria shares a simple visual model using Petri nets that is designed to help understand promises in JavaScript.
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TypeScript 0.9 – What’s Improved

Get the details on what improved in TypeScript 0.9 and whether you should consider trying it out from Nicholas Wolverson.
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JavaScript Configuration Object Pattern

Cory House explains how the JavaScript configuration object pattern let’s you load configuration data from server while still keeping client side code clean.
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Ember Components – Reusable Building Blocks For Your Application

Ryan Anklam shows how Ember Components let you access to the power of the emerging web components spec for creating reusable widgets.
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A Gentle Introduction to Monads in JavaScript

A real-world explanation of monads in JavaScript by Sean Voisen including what they are and why they are useful.
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Extending the Brackets Code Editor with JavaScript

Alessandro Artoni walks through building your first extension to the Brackets code editor using just JavaScript.
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Playing with CSS Regions in Edge Reflow

Joan Lafferty steps through how to try out CSS Regions, a draft CSS specification for flowing content, using the Edge Reflow responsive design tool.
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Audio Synthesis in JavaScript

A detailed walkthrough on how to use the Web Audio API and JavaScript to create sounds and music by Keith Peters.
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