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Hello, and Welcome to the April Newsletter. Another fantastic snowbird swing of the Southwest is over, time to get ready for some summer RV fun!

Thanks everyone for subscribing to and reading my monthly newsletters. If you're new or missed any editions, you can always catch up by visiting the Archive Page.

What's New With Us

I'm writing this months newsletter from my sister's driveway in beautiful Victoria BC. It's great to be back home on Vancouver Island after another enjoyable snowbird RV trip up and down the west coast with a loop through the southwest.
Arriving back in Victoria aboard the Coho Ferry from Port Angeles WA
Our April was jammed packed with 13 different stops, approximately 2000 miles traveled and quite the variety of camping. From overnight casino parking to BLM boondocking to State Parks to regular RV Parks to driveway surfing with good friends.
As usual, the transition from the desert to the coast was full of contrasts in temperature, humidity, and landscape. It was time to layer up the clothing and pull out the rain gear and boots. Though the damp cool weather can be a bit of a pain to RV in, the scenes of lush green and gorgeous beaches are worth it.

This time of year most of the coastal campgrounds are almost empty, many places we had the beach to ourselves. I was also happy to get back to gobbling down some fresh off the boat seafood. I know one particular furry member of our pack was super stoked to be back on the beach!
The long return trip went incredibly well with zero mechanical breakdowns on both the truck and trailer. I was glad I decided to spring for fresh trailer tires before the long trip back as we did run into a ton of rough roads. With the record rains out west this year we encountered more than the usual share of patched pavement on washouts and potholes

I elected to go with a new tire from Goodyear called Endurance. They are a Made in the USA and speed rated for 87 MPH. I give them a thumbs up so far. Smooth towing and holding air well. I picked them up for $560 all installed and out the door. Not bad.

I have to say again how much I loved having my new rear camera. I'm so used to having it now I miss it when I forget to turn it on. I've now added it to our depart checklist. A new reason to love it happened when we were towing through some extremely wet and foggy conditions. My side mirrors were next to useless, but the rear camera still provided a clear look at traffic coming up behind me.
Even though we were making miles spending many days on the road, I did manage to complete three more product reviews this month.
  1. Another Tadibrothers wireless backup camera.
  2. A portable generator weatherproof cover called a Gentent
  3. weBoost's new RV specific cellular booster kit
I enjoy doing the RV product reviews and love putting the products to a real world test. I hope you find them useful. Be sure to check out the footage near the end of the Gentent review video; I gave it all it could handle on a rugged Pacific coast bluff. :)
Top highlights of our April travels had to be boondocking and hiking in the amazing landscapes of Alabama Hills, California and camping with a herd of Roosevelt Elk near Redwood National Park. So cool!
This summer we plan once again to plunk ourselves down for an extended 4 1/2 month stay at a favorite campground on Vancouver Island. After spending the last six months at 43 camping locations, it will be nice to settle in somewhere for awhile. As usual, I have a few mod and upgrade projects in mind for the rig. Stay tuned.
PS. If you'd like to take a gander at our snowbird trip through photo snapshots check out the Love Your RV! Instagram page. :)

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Image of the Month 
Angie under the Mobius Arch at Alabama Hills, California
Keeping a sharp eye on another canine.

Ray's Pick - Helpful RVing Website of the Month

Great website for finding places we can take our furry RVing companions. Quickly drill down to the area you are visiting and located places for dog walks or attractions where dogs are allowed.

Here is an example - Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC

"Leashed dogs are allowed at this 50-acre
show-place of floral finery offering spectacular views of gardens. You and your pup can stroll along meandering paths and expansive lawns. But Butchart Gardens does more than just allow dogs. These dog-friendly folks have placed running dog drinking fountains throughout the entire garden. Thanks to one of our readers for recommending this place. The Butchart Gardens is a must visit if you are on Vancouver Island!"
(Note: I'm not affiliated with this website in any way - Ray)

RVing Tip of the Month

Extreme Wind Tip

If you are camped somewhere, and the forecast calls for severe winds the kind that could blow over an RV, fill up the water and waste tanks. In a fifth wheel like mine, for instance, this could add an extra 1000 lbs of weight. Since the tanks are located low in the rig, it lowers the center of gravity making it harder to tip.

Other things you can do is point RV into the wind and draw slides in. Fifth wheel owners can hitch up the truck to act as an anchor.

RVing Funny of the Month

Duh! and also don't pet the mountain lions or ride the bears


We are now six years on the road living in our RV and still loving every minute of it. Thanks for following our adventures. I hope I've inspired or helped you out in some small way.


To all my American friends, special thanks for your incredible hospitality. We feel privileged to visit and tour your great land. Hope to see you again in the fall.

 Cheers Ray -


“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Ibn Battuta
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