December 2022  "Love Your RV" Newsletter
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Hello, and welcome to the December Newsletter & Happy New Year :)

Thanks, everyone, for subscribing to and reading my monthly newsletters. If you're new or missed any editions, you can always catch up by visiting the Archive Page.

What's New With Us

December was spent doing what we love. Boondocking in various pretty locations around the southwest desert. The weather has been fairly decent, not overly warm, but the winds have been lighter than usual, which is nice.
2022-23 RV Snowbird Trip - December Update Video
We have enjoyed our fair share of sunny days but have also experienced several rainfalls. Nothing excessive, just enough to wet down the desert and bring some clouds making for some terrific images.

I love the desert just after a rain. Smells great, all the colors are more vibrant, and it knocks down the dust for a while.
Anne's autoimmune disease is finally, after four years, going into remission. Her health has noticeably improved compared to previous trips. Yay!

She has even been able to do some short hikes with me and pursue her photography passion more and more. Fingers crossed, in 2023, she can ween herself off the medications, which has been a slow process.
The truck and trailer have performed well on the trip thus far. Not much to report as far as breakdowns or repairs required. Knock on wood. :)
Below you'll find several update videos on various things and new product reviews. More reviews are coming in January, and I may have a new RV gas stove to install. That will be nice as after nearly 12 years of full-time RV living our old stove is showing its age. Stay tuned.

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More Videos from YouTube

Starlink Update Portability Feature - How It's Worked

Arizona Desert Lights up at Sundown just after a Rain

Salton Sea Nature Break - Birds & Landscape Views

Tuson RV Slide Motor Repair Update

Fluffed up Hummingbird just chilling in a tree
Image of the Month

KOFA National Wildlife Refuge Sunset after Rain

Tip of the Month

When I find myself camped in an area known for destructive rodents like pack rats or squirrels, here are a few things I do to protect my truck.

Rodents don't like to be out in the open so:
  • Leave hood up
  • Add lights above the engine compartment and below the vehicle.
  • Park in an open area away from bushes and trees
  • Inspect around the campsite for nests
  • Leave a layer of dust on the engine, so I can see footprints to know if they have visited
  • Pray the little buggers don't chew something important
If mice are an issue, check out this blog post with some ideas to deal with them in the RV.

Funny of the Month

Help! A giant crazy cactus is about to devour our RV!
Thanks for taking time out of your day to check out the LYRV newsletter. Much appreciated.

Cheers, Ray -

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