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Hello, and Welcome to the April Newsletter. A lot less brown and a lot more green. Spring has sprung.

Thanks, everyone for subscribing to and reading my monthly newsletters. If you're new or missed any editions, you can always catch up by visiting the Archive Page.

What's New With Us

April was all about loads of travel days and sweeping changes of scenery as we made our way back north. We left the sunny Mojave desert, traversed California's great central valley, hopped across the coast mountains and meandered up the beautiful Oregon coast. Today finds us hunkered down free camping in a rainy Washington State casino parking lot. Perfect day for penning a newsletter.
Within the week we sail across the Strait of Juan De Fuca back to Vancouver Island, our RVing home for the summer. Another fantastic snowbird season in the books.
44 different stops this time. Check out my Travel Map for a closer look.
The month has been jammed packed with fun outings, unexpected terrific stretches of weather and visits with friends old and new along the way. Our path up and down the coast is well worn now but each time we discover new places to camp and areas to explore. And, of course, our bellies get fat on delicious seafood.
One furry member of the crew absolutely loves the coast. We've noticed the old beagle has perked up substantially and at times even acted puppy like.

Nothing like fresh ocean air with a romp and play on a wide open beach. Pretty good medicine for us humans as well.
For more details on this snowbird trip, I've been keeping a special playlist on YouTube and here is a blog archive link that will bring up snowbird related posts for you.

Once I get settled in at our summer spot, I plan to publish a post detailing the expenses of the recent trip. I know potential snowbirds are always interested in what a 6-month trip south costs and how we save money.

Next month you'll be seeing less travel type posts and videos. Instead, I have a bunch of RV product reviews lined up as I pick up packages waiting for me at my sister's house. Plus more mods in mind once we park the rig for the summer.  Fun times for Ray!

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Image of the Month
Rolling green hills near Hollister, California

Ray's Pick - Helpful RVing Website of the Month

My favorite website to research an RV park or campground. Seems to have the best quality and quantity of reviews.
(Note: I'm not affiliated with this website in any way - Ray)

RVing Tip of the Month


Reminder to Look Up

Spring is here, and many of us are headed to the campground for the first trip of the year. :)  Being early in the season its extra important to LOOK UP. I say this from experience as just the other day I had a few low hanging branches clip the roof of the RV. I guess months in the desert had made me a little complacent tree wise. Luckily no damage was done.
Most campground and parks do a pretty good job of clearing limbs, but extra caution is needed this time of year. One low branch striking the RV can ruin a fun trip.

It's a good idea to pack along a sharp saw. I carry a small wood saw, ax and also a portable multitool for smaller limbs
RVing Funny of the Month

Watch out for strange beasts lurking in the desert

Peggy Sue's 50s Diner (also has free overnight RV parking)

Thanks for following our RV journeys. Much appreciated.

Cheers Ray -
"Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard." - Psyche Roxas-Mendoza
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