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Hello, and Welcome to the May Newsletter. The weather is warming up and the RVs are a rolling.

Thanks everyone for subscribing to and reading my monthly newsletters. If you're new or missed any editions, you can always catch up by visiting the Archive Page.

What's New With Us

We spent most of May catching up with friends and family after our winter away and have made our way back to Campbell River, BC. We've once again booked in for an extended stay at Thunderbird RV Park on the Tyee Spit. Ocean on one side and a saltwater estuary full of wildlife on the other. Beauty!
The park rates increased dramatically this year going from $700 to nearly a $1000 a month. Of course, that's Canuck bucks and not nearly as bad when converted to US dollars.

We looked around at cheaper parks but they didn't have the views or were too far from town. We'd end up spending the extra savings on fuel costs for the truck plus wear and tear. Plus the time driving.

The location is perfect for us with Anne's boat moored 5 minutes away and shopping within walking distance.
We just love sitting in our campsite watching all the goings on out on the estuary. Across the way is a bald eagle nest with two chicks, lots of waterfowl, deer, and several little minks to keep us entertained. There is also a large mute swan named Larry who loves to chase Canada Geese. Sometimes he comes right up to the campground for a visit. He is quite the character.
I'm looking forward to long summer days and warm temps, morning beagle walks, puttering around the RV. and evening strolls out on the Tyee Spit along the Discovery Passage. Last night we spotted the Disney Wonder cruise ship gliding by at sunset. What a gorgeous boat. I use the website to see what's headed our way. It's no wonder we return year after year. Anne saw a humpback whale 2 days ago!
I have one left over RV product review on deck for next month. I'm finally ready to publish my opinion of the Winegard ConnecT WiFi booster I installed back in December. I've held off on the review wanting to test it in as many locations as I could. And also check it out here at the Thunderbird RV Park, that I know so well.
Overall it's worked well, and folks that are on Shaw Internet in Canada will be pleased to hear I have it working on the local Shaw Go WiFi hotspot. In past years our devices struggled to get a good signal, this year all our phones, tablets and computers are seeing good speeds inside the RV. I'm even able to stream Netflix to our TV through my Chromecast.

The only complaint I have with the system is the price around $500, seems high compared to other market competitors. The WiFi Ranger company has offered to ship one of their units out for a review, and I may take them up on it.
Our Cougar turned six this spring, and though still in good shape I am seeing several nagging little defects from wear that need fixing. Now that we're settled for a while I'll be attending to those. And (of course) documenting them as I go. Fun times for Ray! Stay tuned...

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Image of the Month 
Warm spring day, meat on the grill

Ray's Pick - Helpful RVing Website of the Month

A ton of helpful information and advice for our RV tires.

"About Roger
Before retiring, Roger Marble spent 40 years in the tire industry, working for a major manufacturer developing tires for applications in North, Central and South America. During his career, he worked on many kinds of tires -- heavy truck, passenger, light truck and Indy-car types."
(Note: I'm not affiliated with this website in any way - Ray)

RVing Tip of the Month


Just like the commercial trucks I've added a long strip of red and white reflective tape to my fifth wheel trailers back bumper. I'm hoping it might help us avoid a rear-end collision by lighting it up a night and giving the flat black bumper a bit of color in the day.

We often overnight in parking lots like casinos, trucks stops and highway waysides, etc. I'm always a bit wary of getting the RV clipped by a vehicle driver not paying attention. So, to make us stand out, I've also added reflective tape on spots around the trailer.

I've added strips to the inside walls of the slide-out, on the entrance steps and to the front pin box. I figure it's cheap insurance against a big headache getting the RV hit would bring, nevermind our safety inside.

If I'm feeling extremely paranoid about a place, I often will deploy my highway warning triangles as an extra measure.

See blog post for video -


Thanks for tuning into my newsletter each month. Happy camping!

 Cheers Ray -


"Camp, Hike, Cook, Drink, Eat, Repeat"

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