September  2020  "Love Your RV" Newsletter
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Hello, and welcome to the September Newsletter. Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Thanks, everyone for subscribing to and reading my monthly newsletters. If you're new or missed any editions, you can always catch up by visiting the Archive Page.

What's New With Us

Days are shortening, and temps are cooling as fall has indeed arrived here on Vancouver Island. This last week we got our first big Pacific storm of the season that whipped up the ocean and pelted us with wind and rain for several days
I guess we better get used to it, though, as this year we are spending the winter. Luckily just before the storm came in, we had some lovely calm days, and I managed to get the rig all skirted in snug as a bug. The big storm was a good test for it, and the new skirting passed with flying colors.
I went with a product called EZ Snap Skirting. Its a thin but tough diamond weave vinyl with no-fray edges. It attaches to the RV via plastic snaps. The EZ Snaps adhere to the RV with the adhesive 3M backing or also screwed in. I decided to go with the combo adhesive screw-in type recommended for high wind areas.
I recently published a pair of videos detailing the installation, including building in a little storage shed under the fifth wheel overhang. After I've used it a few months in the cold, I'll be back with a full review.
Also on tap for the month were several new product reviews and a couple of review updates, along with a few minor RV plumbing repairs. So once again, I was a busy boy.

Anne has continued to enjoy capturing the estuary wildlife in her big camera lens. You'll often catch a glimpse of her or hear bursts of camera clicks in the background during my videos.  You can view her resulting photos by following her Instagram or Facebook feeds.
We both look forward to the changing visitors as the seasons progress. We are already starting to see more ducks and hawks lately. It will be interesting to see what fall and winter bring.

Big Giveaway Coming Soon

Soon the LYRV YouTube channel will hit a significant milestone - 75,000 subscribers. To celebrate and show my appreciation, I have decided to give away a selection of products I've review recently.

Items I plan to include:
Plans for the Fall & Winter + Upcoming Videos and *Giveaways*
Stay tuned for the giveaway announcement likely next month sometime. I'll put out a video and also send out a special notification to my to alert newsletter subscribers, so you know when it's happening. It will be a random drawing and a no strings attached easy entry.  Thanks, Ray

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Plans for the Fall & Winter

Fog clearing on the estuary
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Image of the Month

Natures Clean Up Crew Disposing of a Salmon

Ray's Pick - Helpful RVing Website/App


I was recently looking for an odd old part (remote control receiver board) for my Cougar trailer. eBay was one of the only places I could locate some. It's an excellent place to head to when searching for obscure parts that the regular RV part outlets may not carry.
(Note: I'm not affiliated with this website in any way - Ray)

Tip of the Month


Don't leave your expensive camcorder out in the rain, m'kay.

Big Doh! This month I accidentally forgot my fancy Sony camcorder out in the pouring rain. Unfortunately, when I found it sitting on the outside table the next morning, it was completely dead.

I had to go out and buy a new one to keep the videos rolling but still hoping I can resurrect the old one as a spare or for B Roll. It's been a while since I was making a living fixing consumer electronics like this. I hope my skills haven't faded too bad.
Angie as a pup in my old repair shop - 2003
Here is a picture of what I have stripped down so far. I downloaded a service manual and located where the tiny fuses are, of course, buried on a bottom board. I'm hoping that one of them blew before any major damage. Overall the unit looks pretty good. It seems only a little water got into, just in the wrong place, I guess. Wish me luck!
Funny of the Month

Thanks for having a look at the September LYRV newsletter.
Appreciate it. :)

Cheers Ray -

And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.Oscar Wilde

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