April 2021  "Love Your RV" Newsletter
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Hello, and welcome to the April Newsletter. I hope you are enjoying natures reawakening. Great to see the return of flowers and green leaves.

Thanks, everyone, for subscribing to and reading my monthly newsletters. If you're new or missed any editions, you can always catch up by visiting the Archive Page.

What's New With Us

It's been a busy month working on RV for me. Beauty spring weather arrived. The sun shone, and the temperatures rose. In fact, we had a week or so of temps well above the norm and some days in record territory.
I took full advantage of the extended warm sunny weather and got to work on a few much-needed maintenance tasks on the ol'Cougar trailer. The first job was to replace the slide-out roof membrane and reseal all the flashing. It was my first time doing something like that. Overall the project went well, and I am pleased with the results.
Since I was on a roll, I also replaced worn secondary rubber seals on the slide and gave some extensive TLC to our rooftop air conditioner.
I finished the month off with a major reorganization of my off-grid DC system and wiring. The reorg was prompted by the addition of a 40 amp MPPT solar charger I'm reviewing for BougeRV.
We have a crapload of power and charging options now. So, fingers crossed, we can once again head south this fall as snowbirds. I'd be excited to put all these new boondocking upgrades to good use.

On that front, things are looking up lately. Even though the province of BC has had to put in many new travel restrictions lately, vaccines are starting to ramp up. Anne got her first vaccine shot on April 13th, and I'm due for my jab on May 16th.

So if all goes well, we can soon put this Covid stuff in the rearview mirror and get back some good old RVing adventures!

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Image of the Month

The estuary has really greened up in the last few weeks

Ray's Pick - Helpful RVing Website/App

When looking for new rubber seals for my slide, this website was recommended to me. Looks well worth a bookmark.
"With all vehicles, there is a need for seals and rubber parts to protect them from the elements of life. Steele brings the same quality, knowledge, and passion we have for classic cars to the line of parts designed specifically to go on RV’s and Marine vehicles.

Types of parts include:
  • RV SEALS: Slide-Outs, Doors, Baggage Compartments, Windows, Vent Hatches, and more.
  • MARINE SEALS: Rub Rails, Port Holes, Doors, Edge Trim and more."
(Note: I'm not affiliated with this website in any way - Ray)

Tip of the Month


Cedar Wood Balls

I got this tip from Anne when one day I started to see little round wood balls scattered in various drawers, cupboards, and cabinets. :)

Supposably, bugs and other critters hate the smell of cedar oils. They also absorb moisture and odors, making the inside smell nicer. I think they act like old-school mothballs but more environmentally friendly without the chemicals.

Anyway, they seem to be working. I have spotted any bugs setting up shop in the cabinets since. The good thing is, it doesn't really hurt anything.
Funny of the Month

Spotted this oldie RV in the local Home Depot parking lot
1967 DodgeTravco Motorhome


Thanks for reading the April LYRV newsletter. Happy Spring RVing!

Cheers Ray -

“Our spring has come at last with the soft laughter of April suns and shadow of April showers.” – Byron Caldwell Smith

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