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Dear Friend of Lost Women of Science,
It's been a year -- and three Covid variants -- since we started the Lost Women of Science Initiative. 
A few highlights from the first year of LWoS:
We started in January, as a couple of friends who had come up with a pretty good idea for something -- not a treatment for leprosy, admittedly, or a map of the ocean floor, but a way to pay tribute to the women behind those and other world-altering ideas. We're ending the year as a multi-talented team of nearly a dozen, spread around the world. We've created a sparkling website, a large and growing database of hidden or lost or at-risk-of-being-lost female scientists, a functioning payroll system, a beautiful logo and theme art, dozens of smart social media posts, and a compelling and highly regarded five-episode first season, The Pathologist in the Basement.  Every minute of the podcast gives credit where credit is long overdue – to Dr. Dorothy Andersen, the extraordinary physician who was the first to identify cystic fibrosis, in 1938.
We've forged partnerships with PRX and Scientific American and we've received generous funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Schmidt Futures, and The John Templeton Foundation. Harvey Mudd College stepped in as our fiscal sponsor while we awaited our 501(c)3 status, which we received in August. And Barnard College is partnering with us during its “Barnard Year of Science.” We've recruited a stellar group of academic and scientific luminaries to our Advisory Board. And we've developed a loyal listenership, with nearly 35,000 cumulative downloads of Season One -- not quite at Hidden Brain level, but not at all shabby for a brand new podcast. 
In the process, we've logged so many hours on Zoom, we're pretty sure we've become pixelated versions of ourselves.
We hope you've listened to the first season. And if you like what you've heard, we hope you'll tell your friends and family, rate us on your chosen podcast platform, and consider an end-of-year gift to Lost Women of Science (if you've already given, thank you!). Every donation, no matter the size, helps us collect, tell, archive and make accessible to aspiring STEM students and future historians the stories of female scientists who achieved something important or extraordinary – or just damned fine – in their field but have remained largely invisible to the public at large.
To donate to us, click here.
Thanks for your support. Wishing you a great, or at least good -- maybe even damned fine -- 2022.
All the very best,
Katie and Amy

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