April 2013

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I am very excited to announce the publication of my second book (and my first Children's book), The Ultimate Tree House Project (Project Kids Adventure #1). The official launch will take place on May 2nd at the PMI Australia 2013 Conference in Sydney, which takes place from May 1-3, 2013.

There are very few books about Project Management for children - and those that have been written and introduced into schools have been primarily focused on the teen-age segment. There are very few that are targeted at younger children, particularly in the 8-11 year old range. Enter The Ultimate Tree House Project, a full-length children's story about four boys, four girls - and a tree.


10 year old best friends Ben, James, Tim & Tom find the perfect tree in a forest near their school and begin to build the Ultimate Tree House. Things start with a bang, and get even worse when Ben's sister Amanda discovers them working on their secret tree house. Next thing they know, the girls are building their own - in the same tree - and it looks even better than the boy's! How are they doing it? What is their secret weapon? After the accident, everything changes and the boys are forced to team up with the girls - as if that would ever work!

This book introduces basic Project Management concepts to children through an entertaining, funny story and simple lessons taught to one of the children by her father who is (of course) a Project Manager. She applies what she has learned and suddenly the girls are leaping ahead of the boys who had just "started building" - without a plan.

Come join this unlikely band of tree house builders - four girls, four boys - as they end up working together to complete the Ultimate Tree House Project!

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This book is now available on Amazon (Paperback and Kindle) and in multiple eBook formats on Smashwords.
Print ISBN: 978-1482558135
Smashwords ISBN: 978-0992255121

I hope you (and your children) enjoy the book!

Coming later in 2013: The Scariest Haunted House Project - Ever! (Project Kids Adventure #2)

The Project Kids are back at school after a long summer of enjoying their Ultimate Tree House. Amanda, Becky and Susan are now in A.J Wilkins Middle School, which is just next door to their old Primary school. This year, the principals of both schools have decided to hold a joint Halloween contest – to see which groups of children from both schools can make the best Halloween display. The eight Project Kids – Becky, Alice, Amanda, Susan, Ben, James, Tim & Tom embark on their bravest adventure yet – to come up with the Scariest Haunted House – ever. The kids get started on the project and learn that it is not just Haunted Houses that can be scary!

Gary Nelson
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