We have Marketing 101 Services to start your New Year. 
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It's time to design your promotion for 2016.

January is the perfect time to run promotions. It is the time to familiarizer your potential audience with who you are and with what your are selling. Marketing wise it is time to tell the story. The planning and development in November/December is for Valentines or spring events. Your information for your sales and new product or service introduce should be printed or designed ready for post on January 2.

Last minute promotions can be an advertisement nightmare. Resulting in losing income to your competition. You want to jump start your business promotions. January second is the latest you should be promoting your who, what, where, when, and why information. Planting the seeds early leads to prosperous growth and yields, in the New Year. So lets get started.

With the election on its way, 2016 will see a caution year for spending. you want to be compelling with you ads. I predict that you will see more personal branding; video advertisement by small and midsize businesses; more inside video attempts by businesses that are launching; increased paid social media ads, and more business selfies in social media. People are going to want to connect personally with their consumers. They will do it with a business flare. 

More online and tech businesses are adding consumer service positions. Bring that "I care" for my clients attitude back to the table. All businesses should be looking at model to help keep customers. We are heading backwards in a digital age and the human care factor is important.

As larger business are struggling to compete with the social mind shifts of their consumers.  People want to support the small business woman and man. Local communities are shifting to increase their shopping at small businesses. Spending their dollars close to home in order to increase jobs in their community. Buying homemade jams and face creams from friends, family or local neighbors is where the trend is moving. There too is a case of the economy and big box stores like BJ and Walmart seeing an increase in sales. Lower prices or loyalty will play a factor in 2016.  

Lets get you started.

For 2016 D'EE'P is offering promotional and marketing services. This is our Marketing 101 under the I AM BUSINESS division. On the list are the following.

1. Product Analysis shopBUY: Don't assume the facts, know the facts. We are providing businesses that sell products an opportunity to know how well their products are faring in the market place.

2. Content Analysis: For content producers who have movies, television shows, shorts and are possibly seeking funding, we have a service that inca help you. You will need numbers to increase your potential and to receive finances for your projects. DPVN, the distribution division of D'EE'P, is offering Content Analysis services for producers and filmmakers.

3. Video Ad Services -  Advertise your business on DPVN. For just $210.00 a week you can run pre-roll video ad on one of the 131+ episodes that will run on DPVN next year. DPVN is also creating a movie channel starting in the new year so stay tuned.

4. Product Photography and Layout Design is about looking professional, plain and simple. If you want to compete, you have to look better than your competition. 

Product Analysis
  • 1 week run
  • 20 Min. Program 
  • Pre-production interview 
  • Showcase 1 to 5 products
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Consumer Feedback
  • Analytical Report

$1,410.00 - 3,100.00
Our Market Place
Content Analysis
  • 1 month run
  • Artist Interviews 
  • Cross promotions
  • Social Media Ads
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Direct Viewer Survey
  • Analytical Report

$950.00 - $4,050.00
Our Market Place
Video Advertisement
  • 7 programs 
  • Movie Channel
  • Currently 131 Episodes
  • Media Packages
    • Radio
    • Magazine
    •  Blogs
    • Events
  • Monthly Reports

$25.00 - $810.00
Our Market Place
Product Photography
We take studio shots of your product for advertisements, brochures, books or magazines. We can work directly with product manufacturers or for independent jewelry designers and advertising agencies who are creating promotional material for their clients.

$15.00 per item
Our Market Place


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