Let us recite “Namo A Mi Tuo Fo”

The familiar "Amitabha Buddha" is one of the most taught recitations in Pure Land Buddhism and this phrase is even known to non-Buddhists. Ordinary people, whether Buddhists or not, will naturally say "A Mi Tuo Fo” (阿弥陀佛) when they meet a monk or nun. This is considered a cordial greeting and a sincere blessing.
Amitabha Buddha is the Buddha of the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss, also known as the Buddha of Infinite Light. He is known for his longevity, discernment, pure perception, purification of the aggregates, and deep awareness of the emptiness of all phenomena. 
According to the Infinite Life Sutra (Longer Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra), it states Amitabha was once a king who renounced his kingdom and became a bodhisattva monk named 
Dharmakara ("Treasury of Dharma”). 
After meditating for five eons as a bodhisattva, he made 48 great vows to save all sentient beings. Through his great merit, he gained supreme enlightenment and became the Buddha Amitabha (Amitayus) in the Western Paradise, called Sukhavati (Pure Land). Amitabha is synonymous with Pure Land Buddhism because of his great vow. His Pure Land, Sukhavati is where his followers hope to be reborn after death.
According to Pure Land, Amitabha Buddha is the one who:
  • has fulfilled his fundamental vows.
  • vowed to deliver sentient beings from pain and suffering.
  • graces the reciters of his name with his light.
  • receives reciters when they die.
One of his vows states that if a sentient being makes even as little as ten recitations of Amitabha Buddha's name, they would be reborn into his pure land and live in bliss until achieving enlightenment.
Light represents the virtue of wisdom, and life represents the virtue of compassion. Amitabha’s light permeates all the worlds in ten directions through the vastness of space, while his life extends to the three periods of time in the past, present, and future.
Thus, Amitabha Buddha can reach sentient beings in all worlds in the ten directions without any obstruction, and instantly respond to those who recite his name at any time and place. He can embrace and protect them with his light and likewise receive them to be reborn in Pure Land at the end of their lives. Let us recite the praise to the Amitabha Buddha:
 Amitabha's body is the colour of gold
The splendour of his hallmarks has no peer.
The light of his brow shines around a hundred worlds,
Wide as the seas are his eyes pure and clear.
Shining in his brilliance by transformation
Are countless Bodhisattvas and infinite Buddhas.
His forty-eight vows will be our liberation,
In nine lotus-stages we reach the farthest shore.
Homage to the Buddha of the Western Pure Land, Kind and Compassionate Amitabha
Homage to the Buddha of the Western Pure Land, Kind and Compassionate Amitabha
Homage to the Buddha of the Western Pure Land, Kind and Compassionate Amitabha
Every year in the eleventh month of the lunar calendar, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery will hold an online pledge of “Amitabha Buddha Name Chant” to celebrate the Birth Day of Amitabha Buddha. This mindful chanting of Amitabha Buddha’s name enables one’s mind to reach a single-minded focus, thereby achieving a blissful stage likened to the Western Pure Land. 
From November 24 to December 22, 2022, let us recite the sacred chant of “Namo A Mi Tuo Fo” (南无阿弥陀佛) which means “Homage to the Amitabha Buddha” or “I” seek refuge in the “Amitabha Buddha”, with respect and devotion. Submit your count on our website ( and dedicate the merits to your loved ones.
We pray that all sentient beings may receive infinite light and be blessed with great compassion, happiness, and peace.

念弥陀圣号   归极乐净土

阿弥陀佛的智慧与佛光无障无碍的普照十方无数世界。我们常一心专注心识念 “南无阿弥陀佛” 名号而趣入观想,达至一心不乱,让心身化入西方极乐世界的华严境界。
于此,光明山普觉禅寺在每年农历十一月都会举办「阿弥陀佛圣号线上念诵修持」,邀请大众齐心念诵 “南无阿弥陀佛” 圣号回向众生,愿弥陀光明救度法界一切有缘众生,超脱苦轮。
因应即将到来的阿弥陀佛圣诞,诚邀您在2022年11月24日至12月22日发心念诵“南无阿弥陀佛” 圣号,回向给您及家人。请至我们的网站
( 递交您的念诵计数,并参与线上修持,一同祈请阿弥陀佛来加持。

让我们以恭敬虔诚的态度称念 “南无阿弥陀佛” 圣号,祈愿一切众生得无量光,获大慈悲,忆佛念佛,同往西方。
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Featured Event




  • 2022年12月9日 | 下午2时


  • 2022年12月10日至14日 | 上午8时30分开始

1. 本寺开放让信众于每日7.45am至无相殿参与法会。现场座位有限,先到先得,额满为止。
2. 无相殿将开放让信众入殿祭拜。


线上直播:Facebook: | YouTube:
询问:6849 5326 |

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2023 托钵暨供僧法会 Alms and Sangha Offering



According to the Sutra of Generosity, one grows in beauty, strength, longevity, happiness and eloquence by making offerings to the Triple Gem.

Offering alms to the Sangha is a meritorious act as it allows the monastics to concentrate on their learning, practising and sharing of the Buddha’s teachings.

日期 Date:2023年1月1日(星期日) | 1 January 2023 (Sun)

时间 Time:上午8时至中午12时 | 8am – 12pm


• 请到寺务处选购供僧礼盒,并于活动当日凭收据到指定地点索取预购的礼盒。
• 若在托钵暨供僧法会期间欲供养金钱,请直接到寺务处捐款。所有善款将用于资助新加坡佛学院的运作。

• Kindly produce the official receipt on the day of the event to redeem the packages at the mentioned time and venue. 
• Please visit the Front Office if you wish to make monetary donations. All donations will be used to fund the Buddhist College of Singapore.

More details 更多详情
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Events & Activities
学 • 思 • 行 学佛一日营
11.2.23 (Sat), 8am - 6pm
6.2.23 - 6.11.23, 7.30pm - 9pm
13.2.23 - 21.11.23, 7.30pm - 9pm
KMS Dharma School Student Admission Exercise 2023
Registration starts from 3.10.22
Instilling positive values during a child’s formative years nurture and help in their social and emotional development.
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普觉坊 · 书法班
24.11.22 - 16.3.23 (Thu) 
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Pastel Nagomi Art: The Four Noble Plants
27.11.22 & 4.12.22 (Sat), 10am - 6pm
In this two-part series, learn to appreciate each plant through illustration whilst understanding their significance throughout Chinese art history.

Hatha Yoga 2022/23 By Certified Yoga Instructors
13.12.22 - 28.2.23
Start reducing stress today with Hatha Yoga.
Online Pastel Nagomi Art: Discover the Animal World
7.12.22 & 14.12.22 (Sun), 10am - 6pm
Sign up and learn to create vivid animal illustrations through Pastel Nagomi Art painting.
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Dharma Q & A


五戒并非是一种限制,当我们能受持好五 戒时,它反而是对自己及他人的一层保护。破戒并非不可饶恕的罪行,它只被视为缺乏 智慧而造下的愚蠢行为。在家居士可能在开 始时会觉得要完全并持久地守好五戒并不容 易,然而却不可因此而灰心。即使只能受持 好一个或两个戒律,也可以为现在及将来的 幸福打下基础。我们可以每天都重新立志受 持戒律以提醒自己要过理想的生活方式。我 们必须下很大的功夫才能达到此理想。如果 做得到,人们就会感到内心平静,并且生活 得安然自在。我们必须谨记:虽然目前我们 并不完美,但却能够通过努力修行以达到圆 满的境界。


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Instagram Feature

What is the significance of the Consecration Puja (洒净)?
  1. During the puja, blessed water is sprinkled around the perimeter of the temple. Through the power of the blessed water, everywhere that it touches, above - below, and the four directions - is transformed and becomes a protected place.
  2. All flowers, food and other offerings become incredibly beautiful.
  3. The sense faculties of the monks and lay people participating in the puja become pure.
  4. The body and mind of the sponsors become complete.
  5. If anyone were to enter the puja boundaries with unclean bodies or attire, or without first observing a vegetarian diet, whether he or she entered the shrine intentionally or by accident, due to the power of the mantras and the blessed water, the person will be transformed and purified.
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“With mindfulness you can see the real owner of things. Do you think this is your world, your body? It is the world's world, the body's body. If you tell it, don’t get old, does the body listen? Does your stomach ask permission to get sick? We only rent this house; why not find out who really owns it?”

— Ajahn Chah
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