A Year-End Reflection

As 2022 draws to a close, it is a perfect time to reflect on the many high and low moments we have experienced throughout this year — extremely joyous and happy moments, extremely sad and low ones, and plenty of wins and loses, too. 

Reflect on the opportunities and lessons we have learnt. Absorb those good and bad moments that made us who we are today. Let go of our bad and sad moments — know that there are just so many other causes and conditions happening around us that we do not have influence over.  

Most importantly, there is so much for us to be thankful for. Be grateful for all the sentient beings that have been kind to us. See how dependent we are on others’ kindness, and how much benefits we have received throughout the year. Reiterate from your heart a wish to repay that kindness and make a positive contribution to the welfare of all living beings.

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery invites you to join us in our 2023 Countdown: 108 Bell Resonance. 

On the eve of New Year’s Day, make an Aspiration Lamp Offering, and pray for good health, fortune, and wisdom for you and your loved ones. 

At the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2023, the bell at the monastery will be tolled 108 times to welcome 2023.  

With each toll of the bell, we “ring out” our delusions and defilements accumulated from the past year, while looking forward to a fresh start in the new year. Meanwhile, our wisdom grows and Bodhicitta arises. The melodious sound of the bell reminds us to stay away from the Three Poisons (greed, ignorance, and hatred) while cultivating positive values such as wisdom and compassion. It is also said that the bell can represent the enlightened voice of the Buddha and serve as a call for protection against evil and disasters. 

This ceremony can also be viewed live on our Facebook ( and YouTube ( pages.

With blessings from the Triple Gem, may the hearts and minds of all beings continue to be attuned to the Dharma in 2023; and with good intentions and good wishes may it benefit all sentient beings. Best Wishes!



2022年即将画上句点。正所谓「新年新气象」,我们不妨趁着年间交错的美好时刻,审视过去的自己,展望无限的未来。这一年里,大家都经历了各种高山低谷 —— 有开心快乐的难忘时段、有悲伤难忍的惆怅伤感、还有数不清的跌宕起伏组成了我们精彩的一年。







您可通过脸书直播 ( 与Youtube频道 (实时观看以上活动。


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Featured Event

108 Bell Resonance 闻钟声、迎祥年

Usher in 2023 on a virtuous and auspicious note! Join the Sanghas to welcome the New Year with 108 deep resonances of the bell and wholesome aspirations in prayers. With blessings from the Triple Gem, may the hearts and minds of all beings be attuned to the Dharma!


线上直播:Facebook: | YouTube:
询问:6849 5326 |

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New Year Celebration - An Auspicious Day of Blessings 辞旧迎新庆元旦 斋僧共天渡有情

Herald and celebrate the new year with Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery on 1 Jan 2023 with festivities, prayers and offerings to the Triple Gem Bring home good fortune and bountiful blessings as we make aspirations for a healed world and the end of suffering for all sentient beings.


Date 日期:1 January 2023 (Sun) | 2023年1月1日(星期日)

 Time 时间  Activities 活动  Venue 地点
 Offering to Buddha & Celestial
 Hall of Great Compassion
 Alms Offering
 Hall of Great Compassion
 Sangha Offering
 Dining Hall
 The Grand Diamond Gem
 Repentance Ceremony
 Hall of Great Compassion

线上直播:Facebook: | YouTube:
询问:6849 5326 |

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Events & Activities
17.12.22, 18.12.22 and 20.12.22, 12pm - 3pm
Online Pledge of Amitabha Buddha Name Chant 阿弥陀佛圣号 – 线上念诵修持
24.11.22 - 22.12.22
Recite the sacred chant of “Namo A Mi Tuo Fo”, submit your count on our website, and dedicate the merits to your loved ones.
Healing From The Heart – A Public Talk by Venerable Thubten Chodron
22.12.22 (Thu), 7.30pm - 9pm
While modern medicine has made disease prevention and treatment possible, what about the age-old afflictions of ignorance, attachment and anger that continue to plague our minds?
学 • 思 • 行 学佛一日营
11.2.23 (Sat), 8am - 6pm
13.2.23 - 21.11.23, 7.30pm - 9pm
KMS Dharma School Student Admission Exercise 2023
Registration starts from 3.10.22
Instilling positive values during a child’s formative years nurture and help in their social and emotional development.
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Short Course in Mindful Self-Compassion
6.1.23 - 17.2.23 (Fri), 7.30pm - 9pm
Practise self-compassion to enhance resilience, reduce burnout and improve your well-being.
Interactive Online Nutrition Class – Managing Menopause thru’ Diet and Natural remedy
12.3.23 (Sun), 2pm - 5pm
Are you experiencing pre-menopausal or menopausal symptoms such as fatigue, hot flushes, dry skin, depression, and mood swings?

Digestive Health and Meal Planning 消化系统健康和膳食计划
16.4.23 (Sun), 2pm - 5pm 
Not sure of what nutritious food to eat? Attend this class to learn more about nutrition and meal planning!

Hatha Yoga 2022/23 By Certified Yoga Instructors
30.12.22 - 10.3.23
Start reducing stress today with Hatha Yoga.

普觉坊 · 书法班
24.11.22 - 16.3.23 (Thu) 
此课程提供一个学习与欣赏中华文化与艺术的平台, 并通过习写书法陶冶性情及培养专注力。
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Dharma Q & A

Q: What can we do about anger that has been building up over a long period of time?

It will take a while to free our minds from this. Habitual anger must be replaced with habitual patience, and this takes time and consistent effort to develop. When we notice our anger building up towards someone, it’s helpful to ask ourselves, “What button is this person pushing in me? Why am I so irritated by her actions?” In this way, we research our reactions to determine the real issue involved. Do we feel powerless? Do we feel no one listens to us? Are we offended? Observing in this way, we’ll come to know ourselves better and can then apply the right antidote to that disturbing attitude.
Of course, prevention is the best medicine. Instead of allowing our anger to build up over time, it’s better to be courageous and try to communicate with the other person earlier on. This stops the proliferation of misconceptions and misunderstandings. If we allow our anger to build up over time, how can we blame it on the other person? We have some responsibility to try to communicate with people who disturb us.

—Exercepted from Working with Anger

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Instagram Feature

“Buddhism is a religion of the heart. Only this. One who practices to develop the heart is one who practices Buddhism.”  

─ Ajahn Chah

For more content, follow us on Instagram 📷  kmspks_monastery
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“When our purpose and aspiration to relieve the pain and suffering of others is far greater than our own suffering, our hearts will be able to powerfully encompass everything.”

— Ven. Sik Kwang Sheng
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