Being at Yoga with consideration of Coronavirus

Hello dear yoga community,
things have really escalated recently with this pandemic. I hope you are all staying pretty relaxed and calm. I will be keeping classes running until the Easter break unless the Government updates its protocol. I think we really need the yoga practice and we will be doing immune support, restorative and pranayama practices in class.

With the seriousness of the coronavirus and to keep the spread to a minimum I will be implementing certain measures in the yoga space.

* Please wash your hands in the kitchen immediately on entering the yoga space before getting equipment, use paper towels to dry your hands.

* Once you get your equipment keep it for your use only, do not share it.
(The virus has been shown to last up to 24 hours -2 days on plastic, glass and metal surfaces (found no studies on material). There is a sufficient time frame between the Tuesday and Thursday class for any contaminants to be inactive. However I will be splitting equipment into 2 for the two Tuesday classes, so your consideration of this is appreciated. We may not have as many props to use. Monday and Fridays class at my house has 3 day gap between use, so considering current research, is ok.

* Bring your own mat if you have one.

* If using an eye pillow first place a tissue over your eyes and then eye pillow on top, throw tissue away after use.

* Do not come to class if you are ill, even mildly.
(I will be canceling classes if I feel unwell)

* Do not come to class if you traveled overseas in the last 2 weeks (wait the required 14 days before returning).

* If you have any concerns please talk to me.

I really hope in this chaotic and uncertain time that we can make positive changes as a global community. I know the implications on peoples work, finances and social connection is being affected right now. I wish you all health.

Warmly Haydie

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