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 Monday 5th October - Friday 11th December

Its been an interesting journey this year, many changes and readjustments. For each and every one of us. We are becoming familiar with navigating uncertainty.

I recently wrote a blog called Positive mind food in times of change,

"How do we create a positive and healthy mind when dealing with great change? When our lives suddenly change from what we are used to, we are mostly left floating with uncertainty. We can often feel fearful and unsure. Leaving us feeling isolated, alone, questioning ‘the bigger picture’ of life’s meaning, purpose and our existence.

Also in this mix we can experience excited trepidation with the unknown. These are natural reactions. Often it’s during these times of upheaval that opportunities arise for healthy self reflection. Resulting in the possibility of reconsidering the ‘order and structure’ that we so easily slot into. That we are swept along in, often without much conscious thought.

Seeing what arises

It is during these times of great change to ‘life as we know it’ that we are offered an opportunity to explore a deeper sense of truthfulness." Read More...

Now more than every we need our tools to help cope, to assist us in reaching a space of deeper contemplation to help make sense of 'me and us in all of this'. Yoga of course is one of these magnificent tools.


I invite you to return to yoga if you haven't yet done so. Ive loved seeing many of you in class recently.

Class Time Table

*Monday General 9.30-10.45am Online

*Tuesday Beginner 5.30-6.30pm In class/face to face

*Tuesday Established 6.45-8.15pm In class/face to face

*Thursday Beg/Gen 6.30-7.45pm In class/face to face

*Friday Beg/Mature 8-9am Online


Warm Blessings
Warmly Haydie


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