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Hello Everyone!

I have no idea where this year has gone but I hope this newsletter finds you well and you are as busy as I have been. I feel that this year has been one of changes and people finding out where they 'fit' into the bigger picture. Here at The Healing Foundation I have been working on developing our future Healer training. I have several active trainers around the country. New workshops have been set up in Northampton, Shropshire and Chesham. If you have thought about passing on your Healing skills to others, please do get in touch and discuss becoming a THF trainer with me.
If anyone has anything they would like included in future newsletters, please just mail it to me. It can be an advert for your business, an article or a book review. 

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Earlier this year I set up a monthly Distant Healing Circle. With your help I have been able to link with Healer Members around the country to send out healing to those in need. On the first day of each month at 9pm please try and join us in this powerful practice. For more details email me at:



Congratulations to Carolyn, Paula, Lisa, Jennifer, Doreen, Sandra and Sharon who have all become full Healer Members of The Healing Foundation in the last few months. Wishing you all well in your healing work xxx

ANIMAL HEALING - by Maggie Keynes
Part 2 

When a person requires healing, permission is assumed just by their request. But when an animal is brought to a healer, I do feel that a silent question directed to the animal, requiring their permission for healing about to be offered, is a polite way to start. 
From a health and safety point of view, the healer has to decide whether to offer “hands on”, or absent healing, for both are effective. 
I remember being asked to offer healing to a very large German Shepherd dog a few years ago.  His veterinary diagnosis was extremely disappointing, and his person was desperate to keep the dog stable for at least a few months, for he and the dog loved each other very much, and subsequently each could at least get used to the idea they would face a physical separation fairly soon.
Having completed all the necessary formalities, introduced myself to the dog, telling him how handsome he was, I enquired silently for his permission for me to offer him healing.  He promptly lay down on his side, relaxed completely and started to snore.  I tried not to look too hard at those massive white teeth whilst I offered this beautiful dog all the healing energy which facilitated from those who wished to help him in spirit in order to bring forth some physical improvement.  Two of his human companions present sent healing as well, and we all continued to do so afterwards.  
Despite the veterinary diagnosis, the dog took his transition about a year later, and his person was very grateful for what he termed was an extension of his canine-companion’s life.
I was also asked to offer healing to a young and growing Clydesdale gelding, already about sixteen hands high and nearly as wide.  Even though I am tall, I had to stretch up to reach his head and his spine.  Having received his permission to carry out healing, this beautiful chestnut horse stood so proudly and quietly, munching contentedly at his hay-bag, just re-arranging his massive feet now and again, so I had to be aware not to have mine trodden on.   Veterinary advice was to have this young horse euthanized, as his ailment could last him a lifetime, but his person persisted with him because she loved him so dearly, ensuring all the skills and help she could muster would help him recover, which he did - and has been put to carriage – a role for which he is happily and eminently suited.
I wish to remind animal healers here, please do not offer “hands on” healing to horses by yourself, unless it is your own horse. The animal’s person should always be present, and the horse must be tethered or restrained safely and comfortably, preferably with a distraction such as a hay-bag. A healer’s safety should never be compromised for compassion. Absent healing can always be offered instead.

Hi my name is Pina. I'm a very happy member of THF for more then 10 years now...I am so grateful for my gift of healing and love every session! It's so amazing that when we open up to the Divine Energy, how much love and support there is around for all of us! Even when people do not believe in angels, they still believe in us!
Due to the many questions I've been asked, of how I became a spiritual healer/medium for healing, I have written a book about it called; Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis. For more information about me and my work visit, Thank You and happy healing everyone, Pina
Please do get in touch if you have something you would like to share with our members!

Finally I would like to wish you all well in your healing activities x


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I am really excited to be joining Roy on the World Federation of Healing stand at camexpo in October. I will be taking a team of accredited Healer Members with me for a busy weekend of Healing. camexpo is the only dedicated event for the complementary, natural and integrative health sector in the UK. Our aim is to promote our professional standard of training and healer conduct to a huge audience.


Healer Members at a Spiritual Awareness Event in Essex this summer.
THF students who completed  the '3 month basic healer training' earlier this year.


Please ensure that you are filling out your renewal forms completely. You need to include your THF membership fee, your insurance (if required) AND your World Federation of Healing membership fee. If you do have your own insurance please remember to send me a copy for your file. Thank-you x
Introduction to Healing workshop
27th September
Weedon Bec, Northants
Contact Caroline 07749 807165




Good luck to our Members Colin and Jeanette who open The Rosewing Centre on 22nd September at Kilmory Community Centre, Bispham. Healing from 6.15pm every week. More information on 01253 365267

Follow the amazing stories of two young ladies that Healing has helped on our Facebook page. Both Nikita and Debi were in serious road accidents. Roy from WFH has been working closely with hospital staff to optimise Nikita's speedy recovery. Here at THF we have been sending healing to Debi and her family, who at the time were in Cyprus. Debi has now been flown home to Essex to continue her recovery. 
Thanks to the power of Facebook spreading the word we have been able to do great things!
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