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Waterbird census documents 143 species
Jordan is home to 434 bird species, around 33 per cent of them are water birds, which live on or around water, according to an official census.
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Ecological map to protect forests, reserves from investment projects

RSCN is preparing the Kingdom’s first ecological map, which identifies areas of environmental significance for future development assessment.
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National project seeks to end littering, change public mindset

The project is expected to receive approval and funding from the USAID-funded Public Action in Water, Energy and Environment Project
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Authorities pumping over triple safe amount from Azraq Basin

Although international conventions estimate the safe yield from the Azraq Basin at 20 million cubic metres (mcm) per year, the actual intake exceeds triple that amount.
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Activists call for reinstating independence of Forestry Department

Environmental activists urged the government to reinstate the independence of the Ministry of Agriculture's Forestry Department to preserve the Kingdom's remaining forests.
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Local Environmental News
Landslide did not affect Mujib Dam

The landslide occurred some 100 meters south of the dam on Friday, blocking a service road leading to a few farms in the area, JVA Secretary General Saad Abu Hammour said.
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World Environmental News
Albatross named Wisdom astounds scientists by producing chick at age 62

She is described as awesome. And wonderful. And maybe a little weird. She is the world’s oldest known living wild bird at age 62.
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Bringing mammoths back from the dead

Many specimens of this extinct animal have been found, preserved in the Russian permafrost and this was one of the more complete specimens.
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Burqu’ Proposed Protected Area     

Picture of the Month
Scientific Name: Gazella subgutturosa
Common Name: Sand Gazelle
Burqu’ was proposed as a nature reserve in 1978 (Clark. 1979), after that, a review on protected areas network in Jordan was conducted in 1998 by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) which re-emphasized the importance of the site as a natural habitat. The site is characterized by the Harra and Hammda land in which several species of fauna and flora have been recorded.
The Sand Gazelle is a critically endangered species in Jordan due to extensive hunting activities.
This has led to a sharp decline in its population. Therefore, urgent conservation actions are needed to conserve the remaining populations, otherwise the species will extinct from Jordan.


Environmental Tips
Protect the Ozone Layer…..use ozone friendly aerosols.
Did you know!

Did you know that Burqu’ Proposed Protected Area was declared as an Important Birds Area in Jordan!
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