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Press Conference about Attacks on Forests, and Protection Efforts
RSCN in collaboration with the Forestry Department and Rangers organized and held a press conference about the attacks on forests, and protection efforts, especially in Dibeen and Ajloun.

Quail Hunting Season Began on February 15
RSCN announced the hunting season for quails began on February 15 and continues through the end of April.
Local Environmental News
Preserving Biodiversity in Jordan
Jordan is situated at the center of unique biota, representing the biodiversity of dry lands. The natural ecosystems in Jordan support human activities in agriculture, forestry, traditional medicine and many others. 
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Regional Environmental News
Rare Leopard’s Poisoning Puts Saudi Shepherd in a Tight Spot
The poisoning of an Arabian leopard, an endangered species, by a shepherd to protect his camel herd in Bawadi Al-Numan village in Makkah, has shocked the National Wildlife Commission (NWC).

World Environmental News
Gas-Powered Vehicles to Dominate Market through 2040
The U.S. Energy Department recently offered up its predictions for what fuel will powered the majority of vehicles in the U.S. over the next several decades. The Energy Department sees gasoline-powered vehicles dominating the market through at least 2040.
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Third Near East Forestry Week
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Ministry of Agriculture of Jordan will organize the 21st session of the Near East Forestry and Range Commission and the third Near East Forestry Week, which will be held in Amman, Jordan from 26 – 30 January 2014 under the theme “Sustainable management of forests and rangelands: towards a green economy in the Near East and North Africa Region. The 3rd Near East Forestry Week will be open to the stakeholders from the member countries and observer organizations like NGOs, Community Based Associations, private sector, scientists, representatives of public institutions, etc. to present any topic related to the theme.
Picture of the Month
Common Name: Black Iris
Scientific Name: Iris nigrican
Endemic. Perennial herb, with underground rizhoum.
Habitat: marginal land and mountain Amman, Madaba ,Karak Flowering period April –May. The Black iris is considered the national flower of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


Did you know!

Do you know which trees are the tallest in the world? The Redwood  tree that grows in the California coast in America, with a height of up to 111 meters.
Environmental Tips

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One of the RSCN Sponsorship Menu projects that you can support:

Study of Birds in Shaumari Wildlife Reserve (2,000 JOD)

Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is important for birds in Jordan due to its location along annual migration routes. Every year, several species of rare birds visit the reserve and use it for nesting and breeding purposes. As is the case with other elements in the ecosystem, these species must be followed and monitored to obtain a clear picture of the composition of these species and to study threats and effects, and attempt to come up with suitable solutions for environmental protection and conservation.
The RSCN seeks to conduct a scientific study on birds in Shaumari through field studies to survey and census bird species. This study requires covering fieldwork expenses including transportation, logistics, equipment and accommodation costs, in addition to rental of equipment and materials used in the study.

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