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Celebration of the World Migratory Bird Day in Aqaba
RSCN in collaboration with the BirdLife international and supported by Ayla Oasis Development Company celebrated the world migratory bird day (WMBD) in Aqaba Birds Observatory (ABO).
Mr. Yahya Khalid is the Regional Member of Western Asia (IUCN)
Mr. Yahya Khaled from RSCN was selected by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as an official candidate for Jordan for the West Asia region in the Federation Board of Directors.
Bird Observatory Appeals to Public to Help Birds this Summer
Amid rising temperatures, the Aqaba Bird Observatory (ABO) called on the public to help birds this summer by putting bowls of water on rooftops, or in their gardens and balconies.
RSCN was Awarded TripAdvisor 2015 Certificate of Excellence
Three of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature’s (RSCN) properties were awarded the TripAdvisor 2015 Certificate of Excellence, an award based on travellers’ reviews.
RSCN's Dana Guesthouse and Feynan Eco-lodge in Dana Biosphere Reserve and Wild Jordan Cafe won the award this year, according to the TripAdvisor website, which also announced that the Feynan Eco-lodge and the Wild Jordan Cafe entered the Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame for winning the certificate for five consecutive years.
Local Environmental News
King Inaugurates Solar-run Power Plant at Royal Court
His Majesty King Abdullah inaugurated a solar-run power plant with a 5.6-megawatt (MW) capacity at the Royal Court premises.

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World Environmental News
Indonesian Smuggler 'Hid Birds in Plastic Bottles'
Police in Indonesia have arrested a man they suspect was smuggling rare birds inside plastic bottles.
The man was allegedly caught carrying the live birds on a passenger ship near the city of Surabaya.

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New York State to Dim Lights to Save Migrating Birds
The state of New York is to turn off non-essential lights in state-run buildings to help birds navigate their migratory routes in spring and autumn.

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Biodiversity Information Management System

The natural conservation monitoring center carried out “BIMS” Project as a part of large scale project aiming to integrate biodiversity values in the tourism during 2015 and 2016. BIMS project targets the governance of biodiversity information in selected areas, so they can be later extrapolated on all database of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. It depends on the development of a database for archiving
all electronic biodiversity information in three areas: Jarash, Petra, and Wadi Rum in form of scientific reports or bulletins. Then data will be entered into the software to facilitate handling the required information. In addition, a field survey will be conducted for the mentioned three areas to update the database. The first phase of the project was concluded with establishment of the database by collecting all reports and publications available at the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. In the second phase, the field verification is underway and will be completed for the three sites, and then in the last phase data entry to all information into the database to make it available on the website.
Picture of the Month
Common Name: Deciduous Oak
Scientific Name: Quercus ithaburensis

Deciduous Oak is the national tree of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It was subjected to standard criteria that related to several dimensions during the selection process, including:
  • National level; the selected tree is related to Jordan’s history and civilization. 
  • Historical level; the tree should be a perennial plant that is considered a historical witness on life in Jordan. 
  • Genetic level; means that Jordan, as its natural habitat, has a genetically importance, ability to natural reproduction and the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions and resistance to disease.
  • The economic level; related with the value of the tree, in terms of economic values including wood and coal uses, and medical values when using leaves, fruits, and other parts, and other uses as tanning, forage production, and of handicrafts.

Did You Know!

Jordan’s nature contains a forest system with about less than 1% of the country total area. There are many tree species, five of which only constituting the natural forests system that are;
  1. Deciduous Oak Forest
  2. Evergreen Oak Forest
  3. Aleppo pine Forest
  4. Phoenician Juniper Forest
  5. Scattered Patches of Acacia Forest
Environmental Tips

Refrigerators and freezers use a lot of energy since they are on all the time. Buy an energy-efficient model when you replace these, marked A+ or A++.

An RSCN Sponsorship Menu Project that You can Support:
Implement Firefighting Plan at Azraq Wetland Reserve (3,000 JOD)

Over the past few years Azraq Wetland Reserve has suffered repeatedly from incidents of fire, destroying much of the remaining natural habitats in the reserve that comprises of reeds and Sadge (Typha), which are very important places for nesting and breeding birds. Firefighting is therefore an essential component of the reserve’s management plans.
The RSCN plans to use heavy machinery to create pathways within the reserve to facilitate the entry of fire extinguishing equipment in the
event of fire.

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