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Annual General Assembly Meeting 2013
RSCN Board of Directors have approved the annual report for the year 2012 during the annual general assembly meeting on Monday June 10, at the Royal Cultural Center.
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New Chairman for BirdLife International
BirdLife’s incoming Chairman Khaled Anis Irani is President of The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN, BirdLife Partner in Jordan).

RSCN Recieved International Award from Birdlife International
Following five years of achievement since the 2008 World Congress, during which the Partnership has grown from to 121 conservation NGOs, BirdLife has used its Partnership Awards to recognise the exceptional contributions of an unprecedented seven Partner organisations.
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Local Environmental News
Ecotourism Comes to Petra Opening of the First Three Camps
In Petra -the rose red city- the kingdom's ecotourism project was launched by the inauguration of the first phase with the establishment of three camps in Petra Region - the first of a total of 22 eco camps originally proposed for this project.
World Environmental News
New Hot-Pink Slug Found in Australia
He’s big. He’s slimy. And he’s … neon pink?! Meet Triboniophorus aff. graeffei, a new species of 8-inch-long (20-centimeter-long) slug that’s found only on one Australian mountain.

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The World's Largest Lake Made of Asphalt
The Caribbean island of Trinidad is home to the world's largest deposit of natural asphalt, called Pitch Lake. The quality of the asphalt first impressed English explorer Sir Walter Raleigh in 1595, credited with "re-discovering" the lake. 
Yarmouk Special Conservation

Yarmouk special conservation site is located adjacent to the Yarmouk reserve on the south eastern side of the Yarmouk River. The vegetation cover is dominated by decidous oak trees. The site is considered important as it contains several threatened species including mammals, birds, herpetofauna and plants. 
Picture of the Month
Common Name: Chukar
Scientific Name: Alectoris chukar

A game species which is hunted heavily for its flesh. This species is a resident bird in Jordan and found in open country in the rift margins from Yarmouk River south to Petra. A small number also occur in the Rum Desert.


Did you know!
Did you know that the European Otter; Lutra lutra is a critically endangered species on a national level and was recorded in Yarnmouk reserve! 
Environmental Tips

Read the label. Use pesticides safely, always follow the instructions on the can or container label.

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Development of the Jordan Biodiversity Database (5,000 JOD) is the official biodiversity database in Jordan. This database is an important tool for relevant stakeholders to understand and access knowledge about Jordan’s biodiversity. The database was established by RSCN, but with the continuous and rapid changes in the statuses of different species, it requires updating and must be further developed to meet the standards of use and efficiency by different stakeholders. This development requires software upgrading, data entry, and technical visual maintenance.

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