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RSCN to Study Role of Aqaba Habitat in Attracting Migrating Birds
Under an agreement signed between the RSCN and Ayla Oasis Development Company, the society will study the importance of the project’s new environmental habitats in attracting birds migrating between the northern and southern hemispheres.
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RSCN Marks International Migratory Bird Day
RSCN marked International Migratory Bird Day. During the event, which was held at the Dead Sea Panorama, the RSCN called for incorporating bird protection concepts in the tourism sector.

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Stopping an Attempt to Smuggle Crocodiles, Reptiles and Wild Birds
Law Enforcement Section at RSCN has seized crocodiles, wild falcon and different wild animals. The seizure took place few days ago and was in collaboration with Rangers and Customs Authority. 

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Local Environmental News
Ministry of Environment Endorses Regulations on Plastic Bags
The Ministry of Environment endorsed regulations on the import and production of plastic bags.

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World Environmental News
Wolves, Bears and Lynx now Plentiful in Europe
After nearing extinction in Europe in the early 20th century because of hunting and shrinking habitats, large carnivores like the gray wolf, brown bear, lynx and wolverine are thriving once more.

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Dana Biosphere Reserve the best
place for breeding raptors
in Jordan

Raptors are recognized as key indicator species, due to their visible size and behavior, making them readily identified with careful attention to detail.  In line with this fact, six raptors were selected to be a key indicator species according to their local, regional, and international conservation importance. The program included Neophron percnopterus, Griffon vultures, Short-toed snake eagle, Verraux's and Borelli’s eagles, and Sooty falcon.
The main aim of 2014 survey was to estimate the breeding population and current status of the key species of raptors at Dana Biosphere Reserve. The population sizes of key species in Dana reserve in 2014 are in general normal, and the population trends are slightly stable since the beginning of the monitoring program.
The raptors monitoring program shows that Dana biosphere reserve holds a high diversity of raptors as a result of its location on the eastern edge of Jordan rift valley, its hard morphology, and its elevation varies from 150 meter below sea level at the western parts of the reserve in Wadi Araba up to 1500 meter above sea level in its eastern parts in Al Sharrah Mountains. And also that 40 species of birds of prey were recorded in the reserve, 11 of which are known to breed there. So, the diversity of breeding raptors in Dana Biosphere Reserve is greater than any other similar-sized areas of Jordan so far surveyed.
Picture of the Month
Common Name: Little owl
Scientific Name: Athene noctua
Night Birds – Owls
Owls have been part of our history. They fascinated us for hundreds of years, and became the subject of many night myths and legends. What is there about owls that intrigues us? What makes these birds of prey unique? The answer lies in one reason. Owl are easy to be indentified and classified, they look like nothing else but themselves. Their nocturnal habits and distinctive broad head, large forward-facing eyes, short necks, soft feathers, and chunky body make them the focus of attention than other birds.
Owls do, however, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some, such as Long-eared owl and Eagle owl, One of the smallest owls is the elf owl, which is about 5 inches long, and has a wingspan of 15 inches.

Did you know!

At least 183 raptors species, i.e., 62% of all birds of prey, engage in seasonal migratory movements.
Environmental Tips
Devices in standby mode waste electricity.This applies for TVs and all devices with remote controls, along with computers and battery chargers. Leaving them in standby mode creates an unnecessary cost. Turn them off!
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World Wetlands Day (2,000 JOD)

As a member of the Ramsar Convention since 1977, the RSCN annually organizes lectures, awareness campaigns, and outreach activities in celebration of World Wetlands Day. The purpose of these activities is to raise public awareness on the importance of wetlands, the Azraq wetlands in particular - on both a local and global level, especially in terms of its importance to migratory birds and to the Sarhani fish - Jordan’s only endemic species, and further to inspire their support for the protection of this unique and threatened habitat.

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