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Launching the Earth Hour campaign in Jabal Amman
Hundreds of Jordanians joined the Earth Hour global initiative by switching off their lights in a call for reducing electricity consumption and protecting the environment.
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Launching a campaign to plant 8,000 trees in mosques & churches
The campaign was organised by the Jordan Green Building Council (JGBC) in cooperation with the Forestry Department, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature and a group of volunteers from several governorates.
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AFED Ecological Footprint Report in Amman
Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) hosted in Amman an event to present the report of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) on Ecological Footprint in Arab Countries.

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New CEPF grant supports nature in Mujib Biosphere Reserve
The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) has become the first beneficiary of a grant that seeks to protect biodiversity in Jordan and the surrounding Mediterranean Basin, according to the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF).
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Jordan’s Desert Crossroads
The first impression of the Eastern Desert is often one of inhospitableness, even impregnability. Its western half is punctuated by a handful of extinct volcanoes; dark and mysterious hills that loom broodingly in the distance and that break the monotony of the flat expanse.
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Local Environmental News
JD5.5 million project to rehabilitate Karak’s water network
The project entails installing new water networks and rehabilitating deteriorated ones to improve water management and supply in Karak, the Water Ministry's secretary general and acting secretary general of the Water Authority of Jordan.
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World Environmental News
Dung beetles rolling to be cool
We stumbled upon this behavior by accident while watching for an ‘orientation dance’ which the beetles perform on top of their balls to work out where they’re going. We noticed that they climbed their balls much more often in the heat of the midday sun.
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Energy from fish and bones
Vietnam's booming fishing industry is now using waste products to generate energy. A research project in the Mekong Delta is researching how fish waste could potentially replace fossil fuels.

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Humrat Maen Special Conservation
Picture of the Month
Common Name: Rock Hyrax
Scientific Name: Procavia capensis
Humrat Maen is located on the northeastern shores of the Dead Sea and adjacent to Mujib Biosphere Reserve. The site is composed of perennial wadis that flow westwards into the Dead Sea during all seasons (Wadi Munshaleh, Dardour and Mekheras) whereas; Wadi Hmara and Abu El- Asal have water running only during winter seasons.
The only species of its family in Jordan and is considered the closest living relative to elephants and sea cows. This species is threatened by hunting activities as people consider its meat a delicacy.

Did you know!

Did you know that the special conservation areas are a new concept adopted by the RSCN to develop and strengthen conservation management of important habitats by local communities? 
Environmental Tips

For washing at home, try to use phosphate free detergents.


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