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Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2014-2016 Cycle (Shortlisted Project # 4)
RSCN to fly 500 kites to mark World Migratory Bird Day
Royal Academy for Nature Conservation in Ajloun Forest Reserve of Jordan is “the first centre in the Arab world” specialised in offering training on nature conservation. 
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RSCN will fly 500 kites at an event in Aqaba to mark World Migratory Bird Day. 
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Archaeology Team Makes World-First Tool Discovery
Published the Second Edition of a Magazine called JJNH
New research published in the Journal of Archaeological Science by a team led by paleoanthropologist April Nowell of the University of Victoria reveals surprisingly sophisticated adaptations by early humans living 250,000 years ago in a former oasis near Azraq, Jordan.
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RSCN launched the first edition of Jordan Journal of Natural History (JJNH). 
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Local Environmental NEWS
Royal Court supports 214 projects in vital sectors
The Royal Court has so far initiated and sponsored 214 projects distributed all over the country, at a total cost of JD197 million.
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World Environmental NEWS
Twenty Percent of the World's Plants Could Go Extinct
With the human population fast approaching 8 billion, human beings are leveling forests, clearing savannas, and transforming entire landscapes to make way for industrial-scale agriculture, highways, and an increasingly expansive urban footprint.  Read more >>>>
Photo of the Month
Participatory Management of Natural Rangeland in Yarmouk Forest Reserve
The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) is drive towards maintaining the national heritage of biodiversity to be convenient with human needs. Thus, it starts in implementing a project that seeking to activate participatory management of natural rangeland in Yarmouk Area, which is fully funded from the USAID. Yarmouk Forest Reserve is suffering from different threats, but the most important is overgrazing. These activity leads to deterioration of vegetation cover as a result of increasing numbers of livestock over years. The project aims to reach the best method to manage the natural rangeland within and around Yarmouk Forest Reserve in partnership with the local community. A key component of the project; RSCN conducted a crazing capacity survey to build a grazing strategy of scientific background, in regarding to implemented in cooperation with the stakeholders of the local community.
White Saksaul (Haloxylon persicum)
The White Saksaul is a shrub or small tree of 1-4m height. Its habitat related to the Levant and the Nile Valley, where it dominated in the dry deserts with annual rainfall of less than 50mm on the form of sand dunes either fix or mobile. This type is widespread in areas of Saudi Arabia, the Levant, Iraq and other countries, and in Jordan Badia. Furthermore; this plant is considered one of these species that closely related to and the desert. White Saksaul has different human uses, where it’s wood of is the main source of fuel, since it produces high temperatures with long burning. Leaves are source for desert animal feed such as camels and Arabian Oryx. Environmentally; this plant is very important indicator species for sandy area in addition to fixing soil and prevent soil erosion and act as Windbreaks.
Did you Know?
Environmental Tip
The Nubian Nightjar (Caprimulgus nubicus) is a nocturnal bird that considered threatened species in Jordan and Palestine as result of habitat distribution. The species is relatively widespread in the arid part of eastern Africa, in addition to some records along the Rift Valley from Palestine in the north to the Red Sea coast of the southern Arabian Peninsula. In Jordan; the bird is distributed in areas that include patches of salt marsh where extended from south of Dead Sea to Aqaba. But as a result of habitat deterioration, Fifa Nature Reserve and Ghor Al Safi Area became the only habitat for this bird. A baseline survey of Nubian Nightjar was conducted during 2014 in Fifa Nature Reserve. A total of 52 calling males illustrating a positive presence of a nesting behavior were recorded. All the males found to be involved in territorial activity in breeding season. According to the results it was clearly recognized that Fifa Nature Reserve holds the largest population of Nubian Nightjar in Jordan and in the region.
Do not throw away water you can use to water plants as below:

•    Use a bowl when rinsing fruit or vegetables, and re-use the water in your garden.
•    Put a bucket under a dripping air conditioning unit and use
what you collect to water plants.

•    Use falaj water properly.

•    You may be endangering the health of those that drink falajwater downstream if you use water upstream for washing.

Wild Weekly Weekends (September 2016)      click here for full details
Nature Reserve’s Eco-Games
The RSCN is planning to develop eco-games to be used in all of their nature reserves, as games are an effective tool for raising visitor’s awareness of bio-diversity conservation. The eco-games target school students (6 to 16 years) who visit the RSCN’s reserves. These games offer students the chance to learn through playing, exploring, and entertainment. When visiting the nature re-serves, students will learn basic environmental concepts, acquire conservation skills, and adopt environmentally-friendly attitudes. Since the Nature Reserves’ Educational Program established in 2004, many eco-games have been pro-duced to add value to this program. Currently, however, the program needs to be updated and new eco-games must be developed and/or reproduced, as some games require maintenance.
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