Food For Change

Attention Cooperators!

So much is happening with Food For Change! Since the film’s release it's been shown at over 100 events in 30 states. And it's just the beginning. The advent of the online digital age has changed the map of media distribution. If we are able to put in the time and effort needed to build connections between people and organizations, there is little to stop us from reaching millions of people on the benefits of belonging to a co-op. Please read our Outreach & Distribution Plan. Let's work together, following Cooperative Principles 5, 6, & 7. Now is the time for a National Cooperative Education Campaign! 

New Version of Food For Change

We released a new version of Food For Change in January that runs 82 minutes—two minutes shorter than the previous version. This version includes updated narration, new facts, and more fine tuning of the storyline. If your co-op would like to own this version, please contact:

New Clip On Website

A new clip from Food For Change is on our website. The four-minute excerpt occurs 30 minutes into the film and connects the Civil Rights & War On Poverty era with the rise of consumer and producer food cooperatives during that time. This excerpt is a great example of what distinguishes co-ops from other grocery stores.

Cooperative Education for High Schools

On March 31 Food For Change was shown at a high school in North Carolina as part of an environmental studies curriculum. The film was introduced by Kaitlin Franklin & Katie Berry of the Tidal Creek Cooperative Food Market, one of the film’s Principal Sponsors. Food For Change is included in a film series with Food, Inc and Bag It. It’s great to have the solution-based inspirational stories of food co-ops in a series that speaks to the environmental concerns facing the next generation.

Food For Change Receives it First Review

To read the review from Video Librarian, a publication for university and college media librarians, click: This positive review will help us educate more students about cooperatives, something most college students know little about.   

Up & Coming, Up & Running Conference

Outreach Coordinator, Michael Skillicorn, attended the Feb 27-Mar 1 Up & Coming, Up & Running Conference in Bloomington, Indiana for start-up co-ops where Food For Change was shown to an enthusiastic audience. 114 people attended the conference. Before showing the film Michael explained how co-ops have used Food For Change to raise capital and increase membership. He cited his own co-op, the Quabbin Harvest Community Co-op located in Orange, Massachusetts, where he serves on the BOD, as an example. Quabbin Harvest opened in October, 2014.

A Treat For You

To celebrate spring, here’s a free link to a film Steve made 16 years ago about the tradition of maple sugaring told through the eyes of children who work with their families to make maple syrup. Please feel free to share it with your friends and families. The link is good for six weeks. 

  Outreach & Distribution Plan Update

Thanks to a recent $5,000 grant from the CHS Foundation, we've raised $42,680 toward a $150,00 budget for the Food For Change Outreach & Distribution Plan: $28,900 in direct contributions to the plan and $13,780 from DVD sales and screenings. To continue to educate more people about the benefits of cooperatives, we need your help. Please read our Outreach & Distribution Plan and contribute to this important cooperative education campaign. Now is the time for Cooperative Education!  

In Cooperation,

Steve Alves, Producer/Director

Rebecca Rideout, Director of Outreach

Michael Skillicorn, Outreach Coordinator

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