Food For Change

A message to our friends to celebrate the
2014 International Day of Cooperatives 

During the years it took to produce Food For Change, we’ve developed a deep appreciation for the many roles that individuals play to make a more cooperative world. Your support allowed us to step back and distill those determined strivings for fairness into a rich and compelling narrative. Thank you for believing in us and for letting us show our commitment to you.
To celebrate this occasion, here are two items you might enjoy:
1) An interactive map of every food co-op in the country that we’ve compiled over the years (if you’re not on it, let us know)
2) A free link to one of Steve Alves' earlier films, Talking to the Wall: The Story of An American Bargain, a cautionary tale about the rise of monopoly power in retail markets and one community’s efforts to fight back. This film gave Steve a greater understanding of issues he was later able to apply to the U.S. food industry in Food For Change. It’s the first film in a trilogy he hopes one day to complete.
The link to this documentary about one town's struggle against the world's largest retailer is available for free online viewing for the month of July:

Password: CoopDay

In cooperation,

Steve Alves, Rebecca Rideout, & Andrew Curran

The Crew at Food For Change


Upcoming Screening

If you're in Detroit next week, stop by the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History for the Detroit People's Food Co-op start-up's screening of Food For Change.

The event will help 
kick off their membership drive, and is organized by the Detroit Black Food Security Network.




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