Food For Change

Food For Change Ships!

Today we shipped 112 copies of Food For Change to those co-ops who contributed $500 or more to this educational project. 

To show our appreciation for our supporters, we added six bonus films to make a 2-DVD set.

The set includes: 

Disc 1:
Food for Change, feature film (84 mins, closed captioned)
The Twin Cities Story, United Nations' International Year of Cooperation award-winning short (15 mins)
• Pre-show music by Midnight Swerve, a 1930s-style jazz trio

Disc 2:
Talking to the Wall, Steve Alves' award-winning documentary about chain stores (57 mins, closed captioned) 
The Co-ops are Comin' (1941 co-op film, 31 mins)
Here Is Tomorrow (1942 co-op film, 26 mins)
How To Get Cooperation (1949 classroom film,10 mins)
Citizen Dave Douglas (1954 anti-co-op film, 31 mins)

The DVDs come with a license agreement that includes broad use of the film including community screenings and lending it to members and employees.

Planning A Screening

When you host a screening, please let us know so we can post the details on our website and make sure you have the promotional materials you need. There have been a number of screenings of Food For Change already. Some drew large crowds; others only a few people. Consult with us to increase your chances of having a successful show.

Spread The Word

Now that the film is completed, we need help reaching more people with its inspiring story of cooperation. We are currently putting together a marketing plan to get a realistic handle on the film's potential audience. Click here if you want Food For Change to reach more people outside of your coops' members and employees. 

More Support & New Sponsors 

Since our last update, The Brattleboro Food Co-op in Vermont increased its contribution to become a Principal Sponsor. The Maple City Market in Goshen, Indiana, and the Coos Head Food Co-op in North Bend, Oregon, increased their level of support as Contributors. New Contributors include the Fiddleheads Natural Foods Cooperative in New London, Connecticut, and the Wheatsfield Co-op in Ames, Iowa.  

Thank You! 

As an immediate way to show our appreciation to those who made this film possible,here's a link to one of the films in the set, a charming classroom film from 1949. 

In cooperation,

Steve Alves
Producer / Director
Food For Change





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