Co-op Movie Update

Food For Change - World Premiere - October 20, 2013

The world premiere of Food For Change will take place at the legendary Fitzgerald Theater in St Paul, Minnesota, on October 20, 2013 at 7 PM with a simultaneous webcast to co-op communities across the country. 

Fitzgerald Theater

Click Here To Purchase Theater Tickets - profits from the show will go to the Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund.

Click Here to Sign Up For Webcast - The webcast is free for all co-op sponsors, with gross sales of over $1 million a year, that have contributed $500 or more to the project. If your co-op has contributed under this amount and you want to be a part of the national webcast, please contact us at:

Click Here to download promotional materials - press release, movie poster, and photos.                   

National Cooperative Bank Contributes $24,000 to Food For Change

After viewing the latest rough cut of Food For Change, Chuck Snyder, President and CEO of National Cooperative Bank, committed $24,000 toward the completion of the project. NCB also recently committed $250,000 over a five year period to the Food Co-op Initiative. "We need to inform more people about the impact food co-ops have in society. This film is an effective way to educate communities and spur new co-op creation."  NCB's contribution brings the remaining balance needed to meet our budget to $24,000. Please consider making a contribution to this project. Thank you NCB!  

Get On The Map! - Become A Principal Sponsor of Food For Change

Four more co-ops have become Principal Sponsors of Food For Change since our May 2013 update.  Thanks to: Co-opportunity Natural Foods, Santa Monica, California, Placerville Natural Foods Cooperative, Placerville, California; 3 Rivers Natural Grocery Food Co-op and Deli, Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Takoma Park-Silver Spring Co-op, Takoma Park and Silver Spring, Maryland. This brings the total number of Principal Sponsors to 39 . Consider becoming a Principal Sponsor or Contributor to this important project and help us distribute Food For Change to colleges, universities, and start-up co-ops across North America. All Principal Sponsor will be featured in the end credits with a photo of their store and the name of their co-op. 

Is Your Co-op On The Map?

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