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Mountain Dispatches:
News from the Mount Kenya Trust

April 2014

Pictorial news and highlights from the Mount Kenya Trust January - March 2014
The first quarter of the year always poses the risk of fires on Mount Kenya due to the seasonally dry conditions. As always our men were on hand to fight fires in January and February this year when they broke out on the northern foothills of the mountain on two separate occasions. Our team managed to handle the January fire. In February Kisima Farm, Marania Farm and Kenya Wildlife Service teams worked together over several days to put out a large fire that spread easily due to hot windy days. Another large fire which was started in the Burguret area was dealt with by KWS teams. As a result of this collaborative work dense forested areas were saved from harm. Thankfully there was some unseasonal rain in mid February which helped to reduce any further risk of fires over the following weeks.

Thanks to a new collaboration involving BATUK, KWS, Kenya Forest Service, Rhino Ark and the Mount Kenya Trust we have inventories of teams and equipment, and protocols in place to deal with serious fires following the devastating fires of 2012. Plans for training with community groups and the development of fire management plan are nearly complete.
Just a fraction of the snares and one poachers den discovered by our teams in the first 3 months of this year. All snares and traps are collected and pits traps are destroyed.
Logging in some parts of the Mount Kenya forest remain alarmingly prevalent. Several arrests were made in March by our own teams and information leading to further arrests by the Kenya Wildlife Service were  made thanks to our teams and informers. We are unable to share pictures of the culprits but the chainsaws and tools used by one group are pictured. Sadly these are just a few of the photos of several discoveries of logging sites and loggers at work in the past three months.
Some of the 22,000 cedar trees planted last year in the Karuri area thanks to profits from the SAX 10to4 Mountain Bike challenge. We are working with the Kenya Forest Service and communities who live on the boundaries of the National Reserve to help reforest the area which was previously settled by squatters. The community members are being given temporary plots to plant beans and potatoes in return for planting the cedar seedlings alongside their crops. In contrast to the shamba system these communities are not displaced, they come from the area and do not take up residence at the plots unless it is time to harvest. We lost some of the cedars because some individuals took less care during harvesting, so we are developing a better incentive system for taking good care of the saplings. There are several thousand saplings that are doing extremely well and we are replanting some of the areas.
February 2014 - The Fly540 10to4 was a roaring success. We raised 3.2 million shillings thanks to our sponsors, partners and participants and the feedback has been excellent. We'll announce the date for the Feb 2015 event in our next newsletter. Pictured is the start of the Hardcore event from Borana Race Village on Day 1 of the 10to4 races.
The winners of the men's Fly540 10to4 Extreme Event (competing on both days in the Hardcore and the Classic with the fastest times) and members of the best overall team were three of the Sossi Safari Simbaz: 

1st Place: Davidson Kamau; 2nd Place: Davies Kinuthia; 3rd Place: Joseph Kuria.

Joyce Nyaruri was the first and only lady to finish both events in the Extreme. For more results and times please click on the photo.
The new Braeburn children's race at the 10to4 catering for children up to 12 years old. It was incredibly well received and Braeburn have pledged to sponsor the event again. This brings the total number of individual events at the 10to4 to nine! This is, and will, remain a family friendly event with many options for all ages and abilities.
Fi Ansett, Petrina Spencer-Walker, Karen Lawrence and Meggan Poole and their horses set themselves a huge challenge in order to raise money for our horse patrol team over the 10to4 season. For 3 days in mid  February  they rode from Nanyuki to the Loldaigas, the Loldaigas to Lolomarik Farm near Timau and Lolomarik to the Borana Race Village (the finish of the main 10to4 event) the day before the 10to4 mountain bike events kicked off. The hot dry conditions and distances covered each day make this an extremely tough ride. They have already raised over 350,000 KSh for the Horse Patrol Team. Thank you so very much ladies!

You can still support the horse patrol team and the completed horse safari by clicking on the link below!
Support the horse patrol team!
In January our Field Co-ordinator Humphrey Munene and a KWS team visited 17 schools around Mount Kenya to distribute posters and invite the students to take part in a National KWS Essay Competition designed to raise awareness and help create an understanding about conservation issues.

In February our Humphrey ran a week of our education visits to schools, this time in Embu County. He was accompanied by the KWS Embu Station Warden. They reached around 2,000 primary and secondary students in 6 schools. Each school term Humphrey and one or two KWS personnel target different areas around Mount Kenya visiting the schools nearest to the boundaries of the Mount Kenya National Reserve to show films, donate books and give presentations about our natural resources to bring awareness to youngsters. Our education programme also reaches adults when Humphrey joins up with our patrol teams to bring awareness to adults living in close proximity to the National Reserve.
A team of equine dentists from the UK come out to Kenya regularly to work with horses around the country. They were kind enough to donate their services to the Mount Kenya Trust's Horse Patrol Team for the second time running this March. Thank you so much to the Equine Dental Services guys for your kind contribution!
Attendants of the Laikipia Wildlife Security Task force in March. The Trust was invited to attend on of the countrywide task force meetings set up by the Government to review National wildlife security.
Parting shot - our Horse Patrol base on Kisima Farm right on the boundary of the Mount Kenya National Reserve.
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