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This year, you made a generous donation to support
the Maisha children's home in Kenya.  

We've got an update for you:

We bought the van!

After many months of research and planning, we are proud to report that we finally purchased a
2007 Toyota Voxy mini van for the Maisha home.  

The van, an import from Japan, is in fantastic condition and even passed our 101 point inspection test.

Your donation helped pay for the van, insurance, petrol, maintenance & security, and a contingency fund for future repairs.

This van provides much needed sustainable transport for the home as the roundtrip cost of a broken down taxi for a single food shopping trip to Nairobi is 28€ ($37).  After covering ongoing costs for insurance, maintenance, and petrol, Maisha can still save over 1270€ a year - money better spent on school fees, medical costs, and other critical necessities.  

Mama Maisha and the kids couldn't be more excited by the massive time and money savings that this van provides.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to every one of you 
and to "Uncle Giulio" for your overwhelming generosity, and to our board member, Bence, who volunteered to fly to Kenya to offer his van expertise to make the big purchase. Asante sana!

No more broken down taxis!

"Thank you, Uncle Giulio!! We love you!"

Education & Psychosocial Support

We'll use van savings to help pay for rising education costs. In the next few years, 16 kids will start 
secondary boarding school. With an average cost of 54€ ($72) per student per month, we've got fundraising to do!

We'll also continue extra tutoring and weekly music and sport classes for a well-rounded educational program that supports psychosocial development, emotional healing, and teamwork too.

Together, these projects are an investment in a self-sufficient future where safe, healthy life choices are made, community leaders are developed, and the cycle of disease, violence, and poverty is broken.

You, too, can invest in tomorrow's leaders by supporting the Maisha kids' education today:

Click here to invest in the Maisha education project
Safe Housing

We're also helping to improve living conditions with a new Maisha home. 2-3 kids share beds in a shoddily constructed house at a time when puberty and young adulthood are just around the corner. Lack of space has forced some kids to sleep in a metal shack outside. 

Join us in providing a safe, sustainable environment for future generations of Maisha kids by buying bricks for the home. One brick costs just 11€ ($15). Our target is to fund the remaining gap of 48,000€ ($65,000).
Buy 5 bricks 
Buy 10 bricks
Buy 20 bricks

Buy 50 bricks
Buy 100 bricks

Van Project Costs (in Euro)
€  Van
   2,315    Insurance & petrol
   2,026    Maintenance & security

   1,121    Van contingency               
  15,574 â‚¬  Total costs
 (16,940)   Total raised                        
€  Remainder: education

Secondary School Costs (in Euro)
    1x Boarding fee
     583    Annual tuition                    

   2,576 â‚¬  Total 4 yrs per student
€   Avg per yr               

      54 â‚¬   Avg per mo
Check out the Maisha "When I grow up" video. Click photo below.

The main boys' room sleeps 7 kids

Due to lack of space, 4 sleep in this shack
On behalf of the Maisha children, we thank you for your overwhelming support! We are truly grateful beyond words.

With Gratitude,
The Gracias Foundation
“Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed, citizens
can change the world.

Indeed, it is the
only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead ~
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