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The Small Print

12:15pm A world without power: 'Blackout' 'Blackout' is a new fiction podcast looking at what could happen if power went down across the entire US. So imagine a world where mobile communications and the internet fail, and where news is hard to come by. How would we cope? And what communities would we form to survive? The Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek plays a local radio DJ in New England trying to make sense of what's going on. And dramatic sound design helps take you straight into the action. We share some of Episode 1 of Blackout called 'Pilot' written by Scott Conroy, directed by Shawn Christensen, starring Rami Malek, and produced by Endeavor Audio and QCode. 

12:25pm 'Wild Dunedin': Otago animals The 'Wild Dunedin' podcast tells stories about the wild things, large and small, living around  the city. For example, the southern right whale used to be a common sight- and sound!- around Dunedin and Otago Harbour. Then 19th century whaling pushed the species to the brink of extinction. But now there are signs that local populations could be rebounding. We play some of "Whale-come Home?" from the 'Wild Dunedin' podcast presented by Dr. Claire Concannon of Otago Museum, and DOC conservation biologist Jamie McAulay. 

12:35pm Reffing the refs? 'Against The Rules with Michael Lewis' The Blind Side...Moneyball...The Big Short: the author and journalist Michael Lewis is probably best known for his books that have been turned into films. In these and other titles like Flash Boys and Liar's Poker he shows a knack for writing about sport, business, and the business of sport. He can take complex ideas about any sort of market- derivatives trading, baseball batting statistics, arbitrage- and turn them into engaging prose. His previous life working as a bond trader in London probably helps! In a new podcast called 'Against The Rules' Lewis looks at the idea of fairness in different walks of law, the media, the financial markets, and in sport...and asks why the 'referees' in all these areas seem to be under attack. In the first episode called 'Ref, You Suck' he visits the NBA's Replay Centre in Secaucus, New Jersey- the place where every pro basketball referee's decision gets scrutinised (and if necessary over-turned) by other referees on 110 TV screens in real time during each NBA game. 'Against The Rules with Michael Lewis' is edited by Julia Barton for Pushkin Industries.

12:45pm 'NB': non-binary life 'NB' offers a first person account of what living as a non-binary person feels like. People use the term 'non-binary' when they don't identify as completely male or completely female. It's part of a growing recognition that somebody's gender identity isn't just fixed at birth- black or or blue. It's more fluid than that. And it's you and not society who gets to decide who you are, and what you want to be called. Caitlin Benedict's an Australian radio producer living in London who came out to themselves as non-binary last year. But they really want to tell their parents back home in Oz. So in NB, Caitlin and their friend Amrou explore some of the questions and feelings and uncertainties about being non-binary...from the language and the gendered pronouns we use, to clothing, and how you feel about your body.  We play some of Episode 1 of 'NB' called 'Realising' with Caitlin and Amrou visiting the Museum of Transology in Brighton to meet curator EJ Scott. NB is presented by Caitlin Benedict and Amrou Al-Kadhi, and produced by Caitlin Benedict, Arlie Adlington and Georgia Catt for the BBC.
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