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New stories from June 2021

Kia ora

I hope you are keeping well, and staying warm. With short days and cosy nights, July is a great time for catching up on podcast listening!

There is quite a range of topics this month - from parasites to plants, long Covid to long-tailed bats.

It's my first month as the new presenter and producer of the show, so an incredibly exciting time for me. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Ngā mihi,

Conservation Communities

n many places across Aotearoa New Zealand, conservation efforts are underpinned by communities. In this episode, two stories of volunteers that are looking out for the flora and fauna in their backyards.

When disease research gets personal

Warren Tate first heard of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) when his daughter never recovered from a glandular fever infection, and instead seemed to get sicker and sicker. Since then he has been using his expertise in Biochemistry to try to uncover changes in the cells in ME/CFS sufferers to try to understand the mechanism of this disease, and to look for helpful markers for diagnosis.
Warren and his team – Anna, Jemma and Tina - explain their personal connection to ME/CFS, their recent experiment results, and the studies they are working on right now, including their investigations into whether long COVID patients show the same cellular changes.

The winding paths of science

What are the interesting paths that science can lead you on?

Katy Gosset is at the University of Canterbury STEM Careers Fair talking to researchers about their winding science career pathways, and what the jobs of tomorrow might be.
Claire Concannon visits a Zoology laboratory in the University of Otago where she speaks to a PhD student who has followed his science research interest from Canada to New Zealand. Jeff Doherty is studying the life cycle of the hairworm parasite and is particularly interested in learning more about how this parasite might be manipulating its hosts. 

Fight for the Wild

Fight for the Wild is a four-part documentary film & podcast series exploring the notion of Predator Free 2050 in Aotearoa.

All episodes are available online now:

1. Loss
2: Defiance
3. Battle
4. Hope

The four podcast episodes with host Dave Hansford are available here, or find them on your favourite podcast provider.
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