New Global GreenTag Certified Products 




  Knauf Plasterboard - MasterShield, Spanshield, Watershield




  Buro Seating - Buro Modo Guest Chair




  Buro Seating - Buro Aura Ergo+



  Saba Bros Tiling - 1G General Purpose Adhesive



  Saba Bros Tiling - Flex G/W Flexible Tile Adhesive


  Saba Bros Tiling - WPM 1 Dual Part Waterproofing Membrane



  Schiavello - Cinto Seating



  Schiavello - Hero Seating


  Schiavello - Vegas Black Seating



  Schiavello - Uniflex Seating



  Schiavello - Slimflex Seating



New/Renewed Ecospecifier Global Verified Products



  Woven Image - Edge Fabrics



  Total Window Concepts - Solarview


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 2013 Banksia Sustainability Award Finalists
 Ecospecifier Global is a finalist for The Richard Pratt - Banksia CEO Award. Read more

 2013 Banksia Sustainability Award Finalists
 Global GreenTag is a finalist for the Built Environment Harmonious Man-made Landscapes Award. Read more 

 2013 Banksia Sustainability Award Finalists
 Global GreenTag is a finalist for the Leading in Sustainability - Setting the Standard for Small to Medium Business Award. Read more 

  GBCA Announces New 'Innovation Challenge Credits' 

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 BDAV 2013 10 Star Challenge 
 Building Designers Association Victoria announces its 10 Star Challenge winners.

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Green Leaders Summit 2013
9-12 September 2013 in Sydney, Australia

 Retrofit & Refurb Conference & Expo
24-25 September 2013 at Australian Technology Park, Sydney

 Australian Sustainability
 9-10 October 2013 at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre



Ecospecifier Global South Africa:

Green Building Council South Africa
Ecospecifier Global is now recognised by GBCSA as a third party certifier. Read more...

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Learn more about DesignBook by clicking here.

Learn more about DesignBook by clicking here.

Learn more about DesignBook by clicking here.


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Ecospecifier Global
Welcome to Ecospecifier Global... Home of the Planet's Leading Certified and Verified Sustainable Products. has over 5500 sustainable products, materials and technologies, making it one of the worl'd most expansive sustainable knowledge bases. As a Leading Global Source of life-cycle assessed product information, links independent information with a powerful search interface. does your sustainable products research for YOU (professionals and homeowners alike) delivering innovative sustainable product solutions based on your specific promotes all sustainable products from around the world, specialising in categorisation of products into Building, Hospitality, Health & Beauty, Personal Care and Cleaning Products. The database also provides extra categorisation according to the World's Best Building Rating Schemes such as Green Star and LEED. helps reduce the time and costs of researching the World's Best Sustainable Products.

Ecospecifier Global acknowledges the following certifiers:

"As a design firm, we want to spend maximum time on design.  Therefore, Ecospecifier is our first and last stop in specifying materials, as the research is done for us already." 
Gerard Reinmuth
Terroir Architects

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"I have been involved in many LCA projects in my time at Visy and am yet to find a Peer-Reviewed LCA with so many indicators at such a cost effective price.  The great labelling, certification and marketing benefits (of GreenTag) could be seens as an added bonus."
Brett Giddings
Product Sustainability Manager

"Your Ecospecifier 'Knowledge Green' section has been promoted to pretty near consistently the top of my resources for students (and smarter clients), especially for the valuable Setting Priorities documents, well prioritised technical guides and informative case studies."
Steve King
Senior Lecturer

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