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Integrating Renewable Energy into Domestic Heating

The Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub is a recently patented innovation, designed and developed by the team at Devex Systems. This integrated energy solution has set new benchmarks for sustainable technology in the building industry. Architects in particular have sought after a viable, all-in-one solution that allows their clients to use multiple energy sources for a variety of energy uses for their domestic heating needs. Read More

The Container Connection

Southbank Brisbane (pictured) and Roma Street wanted to liven it up a bit in some of their urban spaces by adding our grand lady of planters, the DIVA, in multi colours to enhance the ambience of the streetscape and to soften urban infrastructure. Read More

Expona Flow Pur

Polyflor is pleased to announce the launch of Expona Flow PUR, an exciting collection of 50 heavy commercial sheet vinyl flooring designs launched under the renowned Expona brand, recognised internationally for offering the highest quality, design led luxury flooring.   Read More

Global GreenTag

Dexion – Freetrack 2 compactus

Global GreenTagCert™ Level A Certified, low-VOC emitting, light weight compactus system for storage and filing applications in various environments. Read More


PT Indobamboo Lestari – Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring & Decking

Global GreenTagCert™ LCARate Streamlined Bronze Certified, Indobamboo Strand Woven Flooring and Decking products are made of bamboo coated with UV cured polyurethane-based and linseed oil-based finishes, suitable for interior and exterior use for residential and commercial applications. Read More


Austaron Surfaces – Kaynemaile™ Architectural Mesh

Global GreenTagCert™ LCARate Streamlined Bronze Certified, Kaynemaile™ seamless mesh is an engineering-grade polycarbonate mesh screening material suitable for a wide variety of uses including high-wear interior and exterior use in the commercial, education and healthcare sectors.  Read More


Carter Holt Harvey – COLOURpyne Standard E0 MDF

Global GreenTagCert™ Level B Certified, COLOURpyne Standard E0 MDF is a low pressure melamine MDF substrate that has low formaldehyde emissions. Read More


Carter Holt Harvey – COLOURpyne MR E0 MDF

Global GreenTagCert™ Level B Certified, COLOURpyne MR E0 MDF is a moisture resistant low pressure melamine MDF substrate that has low formaldehyde emissions. Read More


SEE Sustainable Experience

Ecospecifier is proud to be a Supporting Partner of SEE Sustainable Experience 2015 being held in Brisbane in June. SEE Sustainable Experience is all about protecting and promoting Queensland's built environment. Read More / See Video 

Peak Resource Constraints Threaten Product Supply
Written By David Baggs

We have for years been hearing about the potential for ‘peak oil’ and more recently about ‘peak metals’ but for the first time, several peer reviewed articles are warning us other peak resource constraints are threatening several key areas of product supply, including food.
Read full article


How Can Buildings Ever Be Net Zero Let Alone Regenerative?
Written By David Baggs

There is much being written about how buildings can be a big part of the solutions to truly sustainable cities and a big part of this claim hinges on their perceived ability to deliver not only net carbon zero or positive outcomes but other essential ecosystem services as well. Read full article

Sanctuary 31 Available Now

The winter edition of Sanctuary considers alternative ways of living for reduced cost and environmental impact, including: tiny homes, modular and prefab housing and flexible shared living. It also features some great examples of reuse-building with tips for working with salvaged materials, a look at the Living Building Challenge and Design Workshop on a budget. Read More

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