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Design and Construction with Sustainable Eco-friendly Products

LATICRETE is committed to protecting the built environment with products that are engineered to be lightweight, low VOC and include post-consumer recycled content.
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Aeroseal Australia HVAC Upgrade System

A recent scientific demonstration showed Aerosealing the HVAC ducts reduced fan motor electrical consumption by 60%. Manningham Council used Aeroseal to seal ducts from a tested 15% leakage rate to 2%. This sealing immediately reduced the fan motor consumption from 1.7 kWh down to 0.7 kWh for the same volume of air delivery.
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Polyflor - Expona Domestic LVT, Expona Superplank  LVT, Homeline LVT & Colonia  LVT

Global GreenTagCert™ Silver, GreenRate Level A  Certified resilient vinyl flooring with polyurethane reinforcement and low VOC emisstion. Read More


Schiavello – Plaza Chair

Global GreenTagCert™ Level B Certified. Schiavello's Plaza chair is manufactured in Australia from a single plywood shell, supported by a metal frame combining oval and round tubing 
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Polyflor – Polysafe Apex

GreenTagCert™ Silver, GreenRate Level A Certified. Polysafe Apex is a safety vinyl flooring range combining the assurance of sustainable slip resistance with high durability for years of performance in commercial kitchen areas. Read More


Askin - XFlam Performance Panel

Global GreenTagCert™ Level B Certified, low VOC emitting, fire rated insulation panels. XFLAM Performance Panel is a fully integrated wall system delivered with external cladding, integral insulation and internal finishing complete in a single component. Read More


Polyflor – Polysafe Verona 

GreenTagCert™ Silver, GreenRate A Certified, resilient vinyl flooring with Polyurethane reinforcement, and incorporated quartz crystals and recycled aggregates to enhance traction and safety underfoot, specifically for wet slip resistance required in e.g. kitchens, hospital wards and washrooms. Read More


Gerflor – Mipolam Ambiance

GreenTagCert™ Silver, GreenRate A Certified. Gerflor's Mipolam Ambiance is a resilient, homogeneous floor covering suitable for high traffic areas such as hospitals, schools, head offices, public areas, etc. Read More


Armaflex FRV – Interior, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications

Armaflex FRV is a high-performance, flexible elastomeric pipe and duct insulation, containing Fire Retardant (FR) technology to meet the requirements of full-scale Vertical (V) pipe-chase tests. Read More

SEE Sustainable Experience

Ecospecifier is proud to be a Supporting Partner of SEE Sustainable Experience 2015 being held in Brisbane in June. SEE Sustainable Experience is all about protecting and promoting Queensland's built environment. Read More / See Video 

High Performance Buildings Pavilion returns to Total Facilities 2015

Next March, facility management professionals and sustainability experts are invited to attend Total Facilities in Sydney, which presents a prime opportunity to enhance their knowledge of sustainable technologies and developments in the industry. Read More

2015 Narara ECOBURBIA Festival

ECOBURBIA will celebrate and promote suburban sustainable living. Main Themes: 
  • sustainable buildings and housing (including renewable energy and living with fire),
  •  music and community building,
  •  suburban design and planning, sustainable transport,
  • natural health and food.
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Green Star – Interiors Released with ' New Sustainable'  Materials and Comparative LCA

Green Star – Interiors v1 has been released and is now accepting registrations.  Read More
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