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Ecological Panel is the Earth's only 100% Recycled Particleboard and has the Lowest Certified Emissions. 

Ecological Panel can be used to make kitchens, vanities, laundries, wardrobes, wall panelling, office furniture and most other kinds of furniture and cabinets, which would otherwise be made of ordinary particleboard or MDF. 

Ecological Panel may seem just a beautiful product. And that's the point. But nothing could be further from the reality.

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Synteko’s mission is one of producing uncompromising quality products. Synteko floor coatings have been at the forefront of timber floor finishes technology for the last 50 years. Synteko has developed a new and improved world class leading hard oil finish. Namely, Synteko  Natural.

Synteko Natural Oil is innovative solvent free,  high solid hard oil based on natural oils for timber floors. Read More...

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Winner Banksia 2013  Global GreenTag

The Judges were impressed that it includes metrics on energy and water efficiency, indoor environment quality, pollution prevention, resource use, producer responsibility and detailed
health impacts. With over 85 certified manufacturers and nearly 700 products have been certified or are under certification. Truly a 'world class piece of work'. Read More...

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Seeking Suppliers of Recycled content products

ECO-Buy has been engaged by the APC to increase the number of recycled content suppliers on ECO-Find. The purpose of this is to provide increased recycled content purchasing opportunities for the 800 or more APC signatories/Members who have made commitments to purchase recycled content products. Read More...

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Zeoform in Green Festival


Zeoform is a revolutionary eco material made from cellulose and water. Converting cellulose into a strong wood like, structural strength material. Read More...

The Search is on for Australia's ultimate Green Interior Project

Global GreenTag are a proud Supporting Partner of these important Awards. A first of its kind, Home Design Magazine Australian Green Interior Awards focus on the use of interior products that embrace the essence of being ‘green’ – consideration of the environment; energy efficient, wasteless, ethical production; Health of the consumers and manufacturers. Read More...

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Ecospecifier in the News  

See where Ecospecifier Global has been found in the news and other media articles. Read more...

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Ecospecifier Ecolabel Product Assessment Criteria

Ecospecifier Ecolabel Matrix of 3rd Party Certifiers. Different criteria such as health & Toxicity, Standards & Legal, Sustainability, LCA and Ratings are considered in this assessment.                           


Ecospecifier Global
Welcome to Ecospecifier Global... Home of the Planet's Leading Certified and Verified Sustainable Products. has over 5500 sustainable products, materials and technologies, making it one of the worl'd most expansive sustainable knowledge bases. As a Leading Global Source of life-cycle assessed product information, links independent information with a powerful search interface. does your sustainable products research for YOU (professionals and homeowners alike) delivering innovative sustainable product solutions based on your specific promotes all sustainable products from around the world, specialising in categorisation of products into Building, Hospitality, Health & Beauty, Personal Care and Cleaning Products. The database also provides extra categorisation according to the World's Best Building Rating Schemes such as Green Star and LEED. helps reduce the time and costs of researching the World's Best Sustainable Products.

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"As a design firm, we want to spend maximum time on design.  Therefore, Ecospecifier is our first and last stop in specifying materials, as the research is done for us already." 
Gerard Reinmuth
Terroir Architects

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"I have been involved in many LCA projects in my time at Visy and am yet to find a Peer-Reviewed LCA with so many indicators at such a cost effective price.  The great labelling, certification and marketing benefits (of GreenTag) could be seens as an added bonus."
Brett Giddings
Product Sustainability Manager

"Your Ecospecifier 'Knowledge Green' section has been promoted to pretty near consistently the top of my resources for students (and smarter clients), especially for the valuable Setting Priorities documents, well prioritised technical guides and informative case studies."
Steve King
Senior Lecturer

" Tectonic Flooring has won the flooring contract for the Mattel (home of 'Barbie') New York headquarters fitout based on GreenTag's GreenRate Certification.The Global relevance of Green Tag has really stepped up a notch"
Rupert Dowd

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