Special Edition - Member Survey Results
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All year long, we get direct feedback from our members at meetings.  We wanted to capture this feedback in a more organized fashion, one that would allow us to communicate and share the Suppers results with you and externally, and by doing so, increase the awareness about our wonderful mission.

 Most importantly, we wanted to show that Suppers delivers RESULTS, even if, through this survey, they were self-reported.  So here are the survey findings…

And YES We Deliver Results!

But first, we would like to share our gratitude and thanks to the 213 Suppers members and facilitators who took the time to answer this survey. The questionnaire was sent to almost 1,800 people! The survey response rate and sample size are excellent according to our market research experts. Importantly, this survey was totally confidential and participants' names were blinded to us.
The results are very important to The Suppers Programs, and to you all, in many ways. We collected results between early June and mid-July 2015. This survey was created and managed by a team of experts, so we want to extend our warmest thanks to Board members Lee Yonish and Veronique Cardon as well as Adi Benito, MD, all of whom spent numerous hours this summer launching, analyzing and summarizing our findings.

Finally, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the company who sponsored the web-based research and statistical analysis as a gift to us. They wish to remain anonymous.

Learning to Prepare Delicious Foods While Improving Health Within a Supportive Group is Essential to Our Members 

Not surprisingly, the major reasons for joining Suppers, mentioned by up to 69% of the respondents, are related to improving overall health by learning to cook within a non-judgmental and supportive environment, in the company of like-minded people facing the same challenges and goals.

How blessed we are to see that our mission and principles are truly resonating with our members.  As you can see in the graph here below, there are also many other reasons people are joining Suppers, like improving health in a specific diagnostic category, losing weight, etc.
A Wide Variety of Health Related Issues Lead Members to Join Suppers

Participants had many underlying health reasons for joining Suppers. This is reflected in the wide variety of Suppers we offer. This is why there is Suppers for Vegans, Suppers for Paleo, Suppers for Weight Loss, Suppers for “Carbaholics”, Suppers for Arthritis, Upset Stomachs, and so much more.  

The largest underlying health issues motivating Suppers attendance are to improve general well being, control carbohydrate cravings, improve weight management and health conditions as diverse as Celiac's disease, Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, and Auto-Immune Diseases, as you can see in this graph. 
 Suppers Delivers Multiple Health Related Benefits to Its Members! 

On a 7 point scale where 1= “not at all” and 7= “great extent”, health indexes such as “My cholesterol numbers have improved”; â€œI have better glucose control” ; and â€œI have improved or turned around a diagnosis”  were reported at levels of 6.6 to 5.1 points. These are extremely encouraging findings.
Suppers Is a Safe Place to Experiment, Learn, and Grow

Finally, and in a more qualitative manner, participants said they not only love Suppers, but they would recommend it to their family, friends, co-workers or to their patients. You have so many kind things to say about the program! 
In Conclusion

Once again, our warmest thanks for helping us with this survey. The board is still digesting the results and deciding what next steps will be taken in order to share the data outside our membership and organization.

We know that demand is huge and growth is in Suppers' future.  One barrier to further growth as a program is geographic limitations for recruiting and training/supporting new meetings. In a qualitative way, you have suggested that more meetings are needed in the evenings or during the weekends in a wider choice of venues, such as churches, restaurants, and public kitchens.  
Respondents also suggested expanding the program by offering cooking classes and recipes via web-based seminars and YouTube channel programs, and by establishing partnerships with health care providers, schools and low income communities, which we have started doing.
Interesting Statistical Facts about the Survey:
  • Sent to about 1,800 people, mostly via The Suppers Programs newsletter mailing list. It is estimated we have currently approximately 300 people attending Suppers meetings
  • 213 people responded to the survey and 85% of those (or 180) had or were attending a Suppers meeting. 27 respondents were facilitators
  • Average age was 57.  85% of respondents were female. 87% were Caucasian followed by 5% of African American and 3% of Hispanics
  • Respondents were highly educated with 85% having a college degree
  • 45% of respondents were employed full time, 20% part time and 25% were retired
  • 32% of respondents are located in Princeton/Princeton Township  and the vast majority of respondents are located in Central New Jersey
  • This research was conducted via web by a professional market research company which also analyzed and compiled the data
  • Thanks to local businesses - Brothers Moon, Terra Momo Restaurant Group, Whole Earth Center, Savory Spice, and McCaffrey's - who offered limited incentives to random respondents
This report was prepared by Veronique Cardon, Executive Committee, Suppers Board of Trustees.