Suppers Newsletter March 2016
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Tell me what's exciting about Suppers for you.  For me it's when someone comes to us thinking they will always be in pain and they figure out how to unload it - in our humble program.  It's when someone has a transformational experience and becomes so passionate about the program that she wants to start her own meeting.  It's when a surprise check comes in the mail with a note that says just keep doing what you're doing.  As Suppers continues to expand its reach, I'm excited to share the latest with you.  We're exploring asking for donations at meetings, the annual appeal, fee-for-service, individual counseling, grant applications, and expanding our view of facilitator trainings.  I hope that you can find a way to connect and continue to support our efforts.

Just this week, I was in in Tucson, AZ speaking at the AAPMD's 2016 Airway Summit, where health care providers from around the country explored collaborative solutions for airway/sleep problems and their far-reaching consequences.  I find it fascinating that when people have apnea or even labored breathing, they usually end up with food addictions!  That's why I was invited to speak.  Snoring and scalloped tongues are about to become table conversation at Suppers. 

Do you know any emotional eaters?  Or people who really want to work a program by attending weekly meetings to increase their ability to live according to their intentions instead of their impulses?  We're offering meetings in 3-month cycles for people who really want to roll up their sleeves and dig into behavior change.  Email me if you're ready to work.  Whether the problem is disordered eating or Type 2 diabetes, healing is a social experience.

Suppers co-founder Cindy has been writing stories again!  If your friends and family criticize the way you choose to eat, you need to read Prozac Doesn't Come in Cherry

Suppers can’t stop with a few dozen meetings in New Jersey.  The need is global, but the work is local. And we are creating the model. Even as we endure growing pains, some Suppers constants remain: all of our meetings support behavior changes for the sake of health. We continue to rally behind our vision: 
A world free of suffering caused by processed food.

The Suppers Programs' 10 Points of Supported Change:

1.  Learn to cook real food.
2. Develop a palate for real food. 
3.  Come to desire the foods that make you well while you…
4.  Let go of the foods that keep you sick, fat, depressed, or addicted.
5.  Come to understand that how you feel is data  and that you can rely on your body to tell you which foods are the healthiest for you.
6.  Give and get social support while you experiment and distinguish treats from triggers and …
7.  Practice living according to your intentions instead of your impulses.
8.  Make a habit of eating the foods that keep you on your path.
9.  Live in the spirit of nutritional harm reduction because none of us lives in a perfect food world.
10.  Provide the experience for others.


Lately, I've noticed some recurring themes in our meetings and news: brain health and gut biome. It starts from the very beginning and needs to be supported and assessed throughout our lives. you feel is data!  Check out this TED Talk - How our microbes make us who we are - by Rob Knight, Microbial Ecologist.

Featured Facilitators - All of Them!

"The heartbeat of Suppers is the volunteer facilitators." Maggie Adler, Suppers intern & facilitator newsletter editor

A few months ago, Marcia Willsie, owner/chef at Ezekiel's Table, hosted Suppers Annual Facilitator Appreciation Luncheon, where the above picture was taken.  Marcia has hosted several fabulous facilitator events recently. Suppers is so grateful for generous partners!

We can't say enough about our volunteer facilitators.  Where would Suppers be without them?  Let's not even consider it!  But WITH them, we reach populations that need us; with them regularly opening their homes and hearts, people can continue to make the breakthrough health changes that so many have; and with them embracing Suppers teachings and values, a space is held at their table for healing without judgment.

Won't you consider joining us?  Our next facilitator training is on Sunday, September 25 in Princeton from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Register today at

It's an interesting mix of skills required to thrive in this role - comfort in the kitchen, commitment to practicing key Suppers ideals, and the ability to encourage and maintain a lively discussion around the dinner table.  Besides the initial all-day training, Suppers provides regular touch points for our facilitators (expanded training on a topic, troubleshooting, etc.).  

We also like to have fun together! Below, facilitators & Suppers supporters Irma, Dor, Carol Ann, Terri, and Karen enjoy a stop on a local river rafting tour.

Sweet & Savory Brain Chips


1 cup walnuts, finely chopped
1/2 cup coconut oil, melted
pinch sea salt

*optional sweet ingredients 
1 Tablespoon cacao nibs
2 Tablespoons dried currants

*optional savory ingredients 
1 teaspoon curry or chili powder
2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger


1. In a parchment lined glass 9-inch pie pan, arrange walnuts in an even layer. Add sweet or savory ingredients and stir together until evenly incorporated.
2. Pour coconut oil over mixture and, if necessary, use a spoon to coat walnuts and even out mixture.
3. Freeze at least 30 minutes and then remove. Chop with a knife or smash against a cutting board to break into pieces and store in a freezer.

Enjoy sprinkled over salad, sorbet, grain salad, slaw, or your favorite cold veggie dish!


For info on these events, please reach out to

Diabetes Pilot: Adi Benito, MD and Dan Jass, MD are looking for recently diagnosed participants.

Farmer Appreciation Dinner:
Send us your friends who farm.  We want to celebrate them on Friday, 9/30. 

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