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Recording where bee species are found is more critical than ever. British bees and other pollinators of all kinds are still in danger from habitat loss, pesticides and climate change.

I need you to help us record how bees are doing across the UK this year.
The Great British Bee Count is a fun and easy way to learn about bees – and help experts learn more too.
But it also has a serious side the bees you record can give researchers vital insights into how to help bees thrive.
Last year we spotted an incredible 320,337 bees. But we believe we can do even better and make 2018 the biggest Great British Bee Count ever.
By taking part you’ll be able to learn more about some of our most precious pollinators.
Our free smartphone app has everything you need to record bees in your garden or when you’re out and about. It includes a bee identification guide, a guide to bee-friendly plants and tips for creating habitats for pollinators.
We'll also share easy ways you can take action to help reverse bee decline throughout the Bee Count – which runs from 17 May to 30 June.
I hope you can join in.

Emi Murphy & the Bee Cause team
PS – This year the Great British Bee Count is proud to be sponsored by Ecotalk, the world’s first mobile service powered by 100% green energy from the wind and the sun. Ecotalk ploughs all of its profits back into buying land to give back to nature, providing new habitats for bees and bugs. To find out more visit
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