Dear Elizabeth

Stand with Lancashire

Dear Elizabeth

I have some awful news.

Today, the government gave the green light to frack at one of the sites in Lancashire – despite local people and the council saying no.

Now is the time to act.

Sign the petition to tell the government to ban fracking immediately.

All the community groups will stand together until there is no fracking in Lancashire.

Pat from the Preston New Road site responded by saying: “This decision is neither right, nor fair and not least, it is wholly undemocratic.”

Not only is this undemocratic, it could also open the floodgates for more fracking applications across the country.

We must act together now to reject the Lancashire decision and call for a ban on fracking across the whole of the UK.

Tell the government to ban all fracking now.

The decision also ignores the warning of its own independent experts that fracking could stop us meeting our agreed climate targets.

We already know that, to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we can only burn around a quarter of proven global fossil fuel reserves.

The government should stop ignoring the evidence and the wishes of local people, and ban all fracking immediately.

Reject the government’s decision now.

Sign now to reject the Lancashire decision and call for a ban on fracking in the UK.

We will continue to do everything we can to peacefully stop fracking being forced on Lancashire or anywhere else.

Together we can keep Lancashire, and the rest of the UK frack free.

With hope,

Anna and the fracking team

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