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Provider Connections vol. 16
Spring 2016


From Interim Bureau Chief Ann Freiburg

Late in State Fiscal Year 2015 and early State Fiscal Year 2016 Early Intervention (EI) began sharing information about the new Illinois Healthcare & Family Services provider enrollment system named the Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology or IMPACT. Information included webinars to help Illinois providers understand the new system as well as released guidelines on how IMPACT affects EI providers. Many EI providers have successfully navigated the new IMPACT system, but others have not, so there is much work to do.
EI continues to post the EI process of enrollment on the EI Provider Connections website called IMPACT Enrollment Guidelines. This document should help determine best steps for choosing the Provider Type and Associations correctly. This document should be reviewed by any and all individuals providing EI services to make sure that there is an approved IMPACT application in time to meet the deadline for Illinois provider enrollment as required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If you have begun an enrollment and are still “In Review,” it would be in your best interest to review the Guidelines to ensure you completed your IMPACT application correctly. If you notice any deviation from the guidelines, you should perform a Modification to your pending application so that when IMPACT does approve, there will not be any issues for EI to approve our part so you can continue to be an EI Provider.
If you have not begun your revalidation/enrollment process, please do so now to ensure compliance as well. Follow the EI IMPACT Enrollment Guidelines to be sure you are correctly associated and enrolled in IMPACT and Early Intervention to be able to receive authorizations and payment for EI services rendered following all EI policy and procedures.
IMPACT revalidation must be completed no later than July 31, 2016 to allow the programs (IMPACT and EI) to review and approve accordingly. If you are not revalidated before July 31, 2016, you may be removed from the HFS director of approved providers which would also put you out of compliance with Early Intervention. This would result in your payment status being denied and potentially result in dis-enrollment from being an EI Provider.
If you need assistance in ensuring your application (whether In Review or Approved status in IMPACT) is correct, please do not hesitate to contact the IMPACT Help Desk at 1-877-782-5565 or online help at If your application is already approved but you are not correctly associated, authorizations cannot be written to you and payments cannot be paid to you until corrected to please do so immediately. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact either EI Provider Connections for Provider Types/Association questions at 1-800-701-0995.

News from the Bureau of Early Intervention

What’s happening with the “Up to 20 hours” requirement?
The Illinois Administrative Code, 89 Ill. Adm. Code 500, defines Provider Qualifications/Credentialing and Enrollment (500.60) and explains that for the renewal of credentials, a provider “…shall receive a total of 30 hours of continuing professional education as approved by the Department. Up to 20 of those hours shall be provided by the Department, or its training designee...”

At this time, we are working with our partner, EITP, to finalize the requirements and exact number of hours regarding the “up to 20 hours.” We are looking at our existing high quality training, what the data tells us regarding service delivery and adherence to EI principles, system’s strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately, what’s best for infants, toddlers and their families who receive EI services in Illinois.

A few of the topics that will likely be incorporated in the “up to 20 hours” requirements include three of the pillars of the EI foundation: the child outcomes summary process (COS), evidence based practices (family capacity building, family engagement, family decision-making, and family centered practices) and typical/atypical child development.
As soon as the final requirements are finalized, they will be published on the DHS and EI partners’ websites, and included in the Provider Handbook.

Authorizations: Payee or Provider?
When a provider accepts an EI enrolled child, an authorization for services is issued by the service coordinator and a copy of it is forwarded to the provider. The authorization is issued under the company’s payee number (company tax ID or individual social security number) but the authorization is tied to the specific rendering provider under that specific ID. The rendering provider on the authorization should be the provider who actually performs the service, not any other provider within the same company. 

If there is a need to change the rendering provider, even within the same payee (same company), the original authorization is terminated by the service coordinator and a new authorization is issued to the payee, tying it to the new rendering provider. 

This process is critical to ensuring the accuracy and timely processing of all claims.

For additional information, please contact our partner, the Central Billing Office (CBO) at 800-634-8540.

Check Training Credits

Please remember to check the Early Intervention Training Program's website to determine the credit hours approved.Every month providers think the have enough credit only to discover some trainings were awarded partial credit. Many offerings are awarded partial credit for Early Intervention since they go beyond the scope of Birth to Three. Some outside agencies merely list that trainings are approved for Illinois Early Intervention, but do not list the hours approved. ALWAYS check the Training Program's site for the approved hours.

Credential Search Tips

Providers have choices when using the Credential Search on our website. You may click the provider's name or "Click for More Information" tab to access billing and credential information. Current and future credential periods are shown. Providers can print certificates by clicking "View Certificate," which will download the certificate. The certificate can then be printed.

Billing Information can be viewed by clicking "View Billing Information." Current billing information is shown. To view past billing information, click the "Show Inactive" box.

Out and About

Provider Connections staff have been covering the state to answer questions regarding credentialing, enrollment, and IMPACT. Carrie and Amy were at the Empowering Professionals Conference in March. Rob attended the CFC conference in Fairview Heights while Carrie attended the one in Palos Hills.  Amy was at the Illinois Developmental Therapy Conference in Naperville.

Separate Email Required

Providers must have an individual email on file with Provider Connections. Many people share a business email address. Too often, renewal notices do not get forwarded to the appropriate person and credentials go inactive. Business email addresses are fine as long as an individual is associated to the account, such as

A Note about Electronic Transcripts

Electronic transcripts are not considered official if they have been photocopied or printed by anyone other than Provider Connections staff. They are invalid. Official transcripts must be downloaded by Provider Connections staff. Please contact Provider Connections at 800-701-0995 to receive instructions on sending electronic transcripts to us.
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