Feisty festival musicals v. old school theater companies
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Spunky, thrifty festival productions are outperforming more traditional shows from established theater companies this summer. We offer our "See This" recommendations for two festival shows that mirror, subject-wise, alternatives from the old-guard.
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Legacy Falls
Legacy Falls is part of a popular trend this summer bringing the drama of TV to the stage. But it stands apart from the pack with its fantastic musical numbers, great acting, and daytime drama twist.

This show revolves around the cast and crew of a soap opera, the eponymous Legacy Falls. The oversized drama of the soap opera is outdone, however, by the "real life" drama in the lives of the actors. This musical is funny and heartfelt with just a touch of social commentary to make it relevant. 

Tickets are $25.
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Nobody Loves You
Another musical bringing TV-subjects to the stage, Nobody Loves You at Second Stage Theatre mocks reality TV dating shows. Reviews out today are mixed, lamenting "it drags and sags when characters sing" and calling the songs "tuneless," on the brighter side another praises it as a "wonderful new pop musical." Tickets are $80 - $130. Why bother when there are better offerings for far less money?
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The Pirates of Finance
The Pirates of Finance is The Pirates of Penzance . . . set on Wall Street. The music is Sullivan's (with snippets from nine Gilbert and Sullivan operettas), the book and lyrics are not exactly Gilbert's.

Insider trading, cynical takeovers, deliberate manipulations, and other factors that led to the 2008 economic crash are all properly chastised using witty comedy by talented performers in this musical. The final show is Saturday, July 20 at 9pm, so this weekend is your last chance to catch this little gem at The New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Tickets are $25.
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Serious Money
Another musical about financial markets, this time focused on a group of bankers and brokers in the late 1980s who are dealing with the consequences of Margaret Thatcher's Big Bang -- the deregulation policies that altered the British (and consequently the global) financial market. 

It is a hectic satire written mostly in rhymes, involving several song-and-dance numbers and taking pride in its unapologetic jargon-heavy dialogues that one critic noted "even the most savvy Wall Streeter would find difficult to follow." Tickets are $30.
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