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Evolving from competition to cooperation
I've just come back from an inspirational retreat at an eco-village in the Scottish Highlands.  It was a great way to recharge in beautiful surroundings, whilst learning how to live more collaboratively.  I also met a very interesting lawyer there - more about her below.

Best wishes

Looking at the news from a collaborative standpoint
Last Sunday I was invited back at the BBC to review the newspapers.  To be honest I tend to avoid reading the papers as I can often feel overwhelmed by the stories and how they are reported, so I gave myself the task of finding the positive or the illuminating in each story.  To hear my take on how the NHS whistleblowing scandal could be approached constructively listen on iPlayer. (link live till noon Sunday 30 June - I'm on between 9.08-9.50am)
The Integrative Law movement - have you heard of it?
In Scotland I met innovative lawyer J Kim Wright. One of the co-leaders of the Integrative Law Movement and author of bestselling book "Lawyers as Peacemakers", she travels the world linking up lawyers who are using the law innovatively in different sectors such as mediation, restorative justice and "conscious contracts". She is running a workshop in London this evening Tuesday 25 June entitled Reuniting Love and Law  (how's that for an intriguing title).

Stories that hurt and stories that heal: What story are you telling?
When I was a newly qualified lawyer I rashly opined that litigation was basically a storytelling competition, with the best narrative winning. There is no objective "truth" out there - just different ways of joining up the dots to create different stories.  To find out how to tell a more empowering version of events check out my latest blog post.

Until next month - happy storytelling!

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