When Glory got home from school that day, her blind mother greeted her with a plate of leftover food and a worried expression. They had been asked to vacate the batcher house where they have known as ‘home’ these past few years. The owner gave them 48hours to leave the property.

It was a cold Thursday afternoon in July, and Glory was supposed to commence her Junior Secondary School examinations in a few days. She is one of our brightest students at the Bethesda Junior Secondary School, Ikota, Lagos, and the past one month has been filled with uncertainty, anxiety and sorrow for a girl that young. She has also suffered detachment issues as her family is scattered all over, pitching their tent with different families who were kind enough to take them in.

Glory concluded her examinations on the 16th of July and though they still come into the school for other extra-curricular activities, and our ongoing Summer Classes, we realize that she is always hesitant to go home at the end of the day. We are happy that our school is a safe haven for children like Glory.

Who would have thought a girl so bright, sharp and ready to beat life’s challenges could be hit this hard with the sad reality of life? We have tried our best to support her family but we are not sure how far we can go for her and it is not certain if her family would be going back to the village or relocating to another urban slum.
Glory's situation is one of the challenges we are sometimes faced with in our work with children living in poor communities.

In about 7 weeks from today, we will usher in a new school year. As always, the weeks leading up to the start of a new school session will have children living in poor communities scattered all over - engaging in menial activities to support their families; relocating to other slum neighbourhoods, or even falling prey to the dangers on the street. Although it is a known fact that 1 in 10 school children drop out of school on the average in Nigeria every year, the statistics are usually higher after the long summer break.

To keep our children engaged this period, we started our Summer School Program on August 2nd, 2021. Please sign up to volunteer here.
Today, we are kicking off a month-long campaign to raise the sum of N20, 000, 000 to enroll 200 school-age children into nursery and primary classes this September. We also need your support to keep our returning students in school for at least one year. We invite you to please consider donating to help children like Glory remain in school this summer and be prepared to resume in September.
  • Give the Gift of Opportunity - You can donate N=1,000 to keep a child in school this summer for one week.
  •  Help A Child Soar - When you give N=5,000, we can provide textbooks for a child in September.
  • Become a Child's Hero - Donors in this category can give the sum of N=8,500 towards a child's education for a month. 
Please join us as we expand the opportunities of these disadvantaged children.
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