As the title of our newsletter suggests, Ubuntu can best be described as an African philosophy that places emphasis on selflessness. It is said to include values like social justice, fairness and compassion.

The beginning of the month had us thinking about what to do on this special day. What we wanted was something inspiring, at the same time impactful. This took us back to watching and reading inspiring stories about African children. One story that caught our attention was the movie Sarafina

Watching it sobered us up. We saw children being gunned down by police just because they demanded for a better and more robust quality education. Although the movie premiered about two decades ago, it still speaks of our current reality, especially in Nigeria. Right now, we still hear of news about unknown gunmen abducting children from school; there are children whose parents cannot provide a meal per day, let alone send them to school. The economic hardship and unjust system of education are taking a toll on disadvantaged children. It is safe to say the movie Sarafina still plays out in our society today.
To millions of Nigerian children, quality education is still a myth!
Today presents an opportunity to reflect on the struggles of disadvantaged children and the need to create a safe space for them. For children living in poor communities, the right to education may just be a dream. According to statistics, there are over 100,000 children who are living on the streets in Lagos, Nigeria.

Commemorating the Day of the African Child should be more than just posting on social media or organizing nice conferences to talk about the plight of the African Child. There is need for more action especially within our community.

On a day like this, we should take a stand for disadvantaged children!
As an organization, we have been on this journey for two decades and counting. Help us sustain our interventions in making the dream of the African Child a reality. Be their ubuntu.
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