If babies could talk, Favour's first word would have been Why me?  Her mother died while giving birth to her and her dad abandoned her a few months later. Favour was passed from house to house; relative to relative, until no one was willing to take her in anymore. She finally took to the streets at the age of ten, engaging in menial activities in order to survive. Two years later, a family decided to accommodate her in exchange for her service as a help and street hawker.

In 2017, we found a fearless Favour barging into one of our schools in Ikota community, with eyes seethed with emotions and a mission to rewrite the story of her life. Her only wish was to be in school just like every other child who had come for our profiling exercise that day. She dropped the tray containing the goods she was hawking by the school gate, and sat for the assessment test.
We got her enrolled in school that day and she is currently in SS1 class. Today, Favour is a straight A student, beaming with confidence.
You made this happen!
There are thousands of Favours around us - in our neighbourhoods, in the slums and on the streets! Imagine what their future will be like without our intervention, no matter how small.
With your support, we have set up three (3) tuition-free schools in Ikota (Lagos), Ijaiye-Ojokoro (Lagos) and Matogun (Ogun). This project has impacted over 5,000 disadvantaged children of which 18 of them are university graduates today. The presence of Bethesda Schools in poor communities has brought us face to face with the realities of life in urban slums. A significant percentage of caregivers living in these slums cannot afford to provide basic necessities for their children due to their socioeconomic status. On the other hand, because our schools only run up to junior secondary school (JSS 3), a lot of our beneficiaries cannot continue to senior secondary school due to the relatively high cost of tuition even in low-fee paying private secondary schools.

In this regard, we have decided to set up our own senior secondary school in Ikota this September. We currently have over 100 Children on our Wait List for sponsorship into Senior Secondary School. If nothing is done, these children stand the risk of dropping out of school again! We believe that Universal Basic Education should involve entering school at an appropriate age, progressing through the system and completing a full cycle!
We are excited to embrace this new phase of our program intervention as we find ourselves playing a larger role in providing safety nets for poor children. With our #ADVANCE100 campaign we hope to reduce the number of secondary school drop-outs 100 children at a time. Although the Bethesda Secondary Schools are tuition-free to the students, we however need an annual contribution of 150,000 to keep one child in school. To celebrate Children’s Day this year, we are appealing to you to support our cause with a donation of 1,000 and above. It is amazing how a little act of kindness can switch the future of a child!
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