June 4, 2015
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Competing TSCA Reform Bills: A Break in Partisan Fever?
Corporate Counsel, 5/27/15


UPDATE: HB 4052, which preempts all local employment laws, is currently being considered in the state senate. A provision preempting local LGBT civil rights protections has been removed from the bill.


BREAKING NEWS: Blue Cards and Local Laws Abolished, Preemption Enhanced
NevadaCarry, 6/2/15

Gov. Brian Sandoval signed Senate Bills 175 and 240 into law. Each bill contained identical provisions enhancing state preemption of local firearm laws. These bills went into effect immediately upon the governor’s signature.

These bills preempt local handgun registration laws and waiting periods, require local governments to repeal existing laws which are preempted by state laws, and reiterates that no local laws on firearms are permissible.

SB477 limits the authority of cities and counties to adopt local building codes requiring the installation of fire sprinklers in single family residences. 

North Carolina

Deer, swine, eels in NC farm bill that gets Senate OK
Reflector, 5/19/15

SB 513, North Carolina's annual farm bill update, includes preemption of local authority to “adopt any ordinance, regulation, or law that is inconsistent with or more restrictive than the provisions of this Article. Any ordinance, regulation, or law that is currently enacted that is inconsistent with or more restrictive than the provisions of this Article is hereby repealed.”


County official attends injection well strategy session
Athens News, 5/27/15

County officials collaborate to discuss fracking issues, and strategies to increase local control in light of the Ohio Supreme Court’s recent decision finding that Ohio Rev. Code Chapter 1509 preempts local authority over oil and gas operations.


Senate sends Fallin legislation to prohibit cities from banning drilling
Tulsa World, 5/22/15

SB 809 preempts local authority to regulate oil and gas operations. One goal of the new law is to preempt local authority to regulate or ban fracking.


Judge upholds Jackson County GMO ban
Capital Press, 5/29/15

A federal judge ruled that Oregon’s “right-to-farm” law does not preempt Jackson County's GMO ban, considering that SB 863, the state’s law which preempts local authority over GMOs and other agricultural products, specifically exempts Jackson County, grandfathering in its preexisting GMO ban.

Bates Says Statewide Paid Sick Leave Law Within Hours of Agreement
The Lund Report, 5/27/15

SB 454 requires that “Employers who employ at least six employees shall implement a sick time policy that allows an employee to earn and use up to 40 hours of paid sick time per year” and preempts local authority to enact higher standards for paid sick days.


UPDATE: HB 787 & SB 474. SB 474, which preempts state and local laws requiring fire sprinkler installation in townhouses, was signed into law by the Governor.


YES, IN YOUR BACKYARD: Texas tells local governments not to mess with oil and gas
OnEarth, 5/22/15

HB 905 would add air guns and knives to the state’s existing firearms preemption legislation; passed by the legislature, it has now gone to the Governor.


State and Local Action on Paid Sick Days
National Partnership for Women & Families, May 2015

After a review of past Paid Sick Days laws, this report outlines new Paid Sick Days laws and state preemption in 2015.

The GOP and ALEC’s War on Cities
Beyond Chron, 5/26/15

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