February 12, 2015
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Preemption Watch and e-cigs in USA Today

“Five states have passed laws that forbid cities approving stricter ordinances, according to a January report in the medical journal Tobacco Control.

“That could stifle community action around e-cigarettes, says Mark Pertschuk, director of Grassroots Change, a network of public health movements. He notes that most clean-air laws began as local ordinances before gaining enough traction to be passed statewide.”

Source: “States racing to regulate e-cigarettes,” USA Today, 2/7/15

United States: State Of The GMO Union; Courts Address Localism, Federalism Amid New Legislation
Mondaq, 2/2/15

FCC to Put Its Legal Weight Behind Preemption of State Laws That Limit Community Gigabit Networks
Broadband and Breakfast, 3/3/15

Wheeler: Title II Is Actually Act III of Agency's Broadband Play
Multichannel News, 2/9/15 

"Act II will be the (widely expected) Feb. 26 decision to grant petitions by the cities of Chattanooga and Wilson, N.C., to preempt state laws limiting their build outs of broadband networks."

The paid sick leave battle continues, state by state
Slate, 2/11/15


Arizona: State Preemption Bill Scheduled for Hearings
Gunco, 2/6/2015

Super-preemption of local gun laws moving in Arizona…

As previously reported, SB 1291 will improve the state firearms preemption law to ensure consistency throughout the Grand Canyon State. This is done by providing a mechanism to declare unlawful regulations null and void in addition to providing penalties for knowing and willful violations by localities.  SB 1291, introduced by Senator Steve Smith (R-11), is a much-needed protection and will ensure compliance with existing state law.” - NRA action alert, 2/6/2015


A Florida Man Turned His Front Yard Into a Shooting Range — and That’s Perfectly Legal
Vice News, 2/4/2015

“In 2011, Florida's state legislature enacted a "pre-emption law" that levies a $5,000 fine on any local official who tries to limit gun ranges.

"Florida citizens can certainly oppose the backyard gun ranges, but due to Florida's pre-emption laws on guns, there is little locally that can be done about them," Patricia Brigham, chair of the Gun Safety Committee of the League of Women Voters of Florida, told VICE News. "In short, pre-emption does not allow Florida municipalities to enact its own gun laws; the state pre-empts such laws."


Bill to limit CAFO changed
The Journal Gazette, 2/3/15

“INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana lawmakers chose to hold off on a bill that would limit local governments’ control over large livestock farms Monday and instead replaced it with a proposal for further research on how existing local ordinances impact Indiana farms.” - AP, 2/3/2015

HB 1634 Knife Law Preemption
INGO, 2/6/15

HB 1634 (discussed in the post above)


Logan officials give initial OK to right-to-work
Bowling Green Daily News, 1/28/15

Michigan Legislature, 1/22/15


SF 565
Minnesota Senate, 2/5/15
A new bill would preempt local governments' adoption of stronger standards for wages, benefits, working conditions, or leave policies.

Missouri lawmaker's bill would bar local laws on wages, paid sick leave, criminal history
Daily Journal, 2/9/15


Clark County’s gun registration system could be history, 2/10/15


Pennsylvania Preemption-Cities repealing overreaching gun laws
Firearms Owners Against Crime, 2/6/15

Discredited Gun Researcher John Lott Misleads On NRA Law That Allows Gun Group To Sue Pennsylvania Cities
Media Matters, 2/6/15



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