July 23, 2015
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Preemption isn’t a dirty word
The Hill, 7/22/15
A pro-preemption opinion piece by an industry group which argues for federal preemption, citing potential consumer confusion related to GMO product labelling, but does not address food security or seed sovereignty issues that are also important in the debate about GMOs and public health.

House Democrats set attacks on GMO bill
AgriPulse, 7/20/15
Critics of a GMO regulation bill are proposing amendments that would add restrictions or exemptions to the legislation and allow farmers to claim government compensation for some damages from herbicide drift or contamination by genetically engineered crops.
House Ag leaders: GMO labeling bill does not preempt cultivation bans
AgriPulse, 7/17/15
Proponents of a bill that would bar states from requiring the labeling of food made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs)...are pushing back against a claim made by advocates for mandatory GMO labeling who say the bill would preempt state and local laws limiting cultivation of genetically engineered (GE) crops.
H.R.1599 - Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 
New Report Illuminates the American Chemistry Council’s Efforts to Undermine the Chemical Policies that Protect Us
Union of Concerned Scientists, 7/15/15
State leaders say House chemical bill is better
Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, 7/14/15
While Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families does not endorse the House or Senate bills, we have said the House bill is the better approach and with a few targeted improvements would result in meaningful reform...The House and Senate bills have different approaches, and preempt states to different degrees. Both bills preempt the states when a chemical passes a federal safety assessment or new federal restrictions take effect.
US lawmakers predict uncontentious reconciliation of TSCA bills
ChemicalWatch, 7/8/15
Can Orlando kick its polystyrene habit?
Orlando Weekly, 7/15/15
Polystyrene, which is used by restaurants for to-go containers, has been banned in Miami Beach after they reviewed the state statute that prevented "municipalities from banning plastic bags and related products." A grassroots movement for a similar ban in Orlando is underway.
Group Asks Idaho Cities One-By-One To Change Local Gun Laws
Northwest Public Radio, 7/13/15
A pro-gun group is using state preemption to force cities to open local government property to concealed and openly carried handguns.
Paid sick days would be mandatory under ballot initiative
MLive, 7/13/15
This ballot initiative comes in response to the passing of the “Death Star bill” which preempted minimum wage and benefits, including paid sick days.
States Battle Cities Over Minimum Wage
The Pew Charitable Trusts, 7/13/15

Analysis: Missouri stance on local minimum wages unclear
The Kansas City Star, 7/12/15
Vetoed by Gov. Nixon (D) HB 722 would have preempted local minimum wage and benefits laws, and plastic bag bans.
North Carolina

Health board identifies focus areas, 7/14/15
“The Pitt County Board of Health...board members approved a resolution asking the state for more autonomy over tobacco regulation” in light of the state’s preemption of local authority over tobacco. This comes a month after Orange County health department wrote a resolution requesting that the North Carolina General Assembly rescind preemption of local tobacco regulation, including electronic cigarettes, and restore local control over tobacco policies.
Meeting planned on oil, gas regulations
Star Beacon, 7/14/15
County and township leaders are trying to spark a dialogue on oil and gas with state energy legislators in order to make strides toward regaining local control over industry regulation. A public meeting hosted by the county's board of commissioners and township association is scheduled for 11 a.m. Monday (7/20/15) in the county commissioners' meeting chambers on the second floor of the old courthouse, 25 W. Jefferson St., Jefferson, OH.
Elected Officials Ask Kasich For Local Control Over Fracking Activities
WCBE Central Ohio NPR, 7/9/15
Local GMO control initiative faces setback
Capital Press, 7/15/15
A ballot initiative that would overturn Oregon laws pre-empting local control over GMOs and pesticides was found by state attorneys to make overly broad changes to the Oregon Constitution.
House Co-Sponsorship Memoranda
Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 7/8/15
PA State Representative Mark Keller seeking co-sponsors for re-introduction of the firearms “super preemption” bill after the Commonwealth Court found Act 192 of 2014 unconstitutional.
Denton Gears Up For Bigger Fight Over Fracking
The Real News, 7/12/15
After last month's decision to [preempt] Denton's ban on fracking, activists are looking to build a coalition of cities across the state of Texas before taking a second swing at HB 40, the bill that disempowers municipal governments in favor of oil and gas industries.


Hot Topics at ALEC's 2015 Meeting This Week in San Diego
Huffington Post, 7/20/15
ALEC’s San Diego Agenda unveils the organization's future plans; preemption is still a core strategy, as well as undermining renewable energy initiatives, carbon pollution and chemical safety laws, to name a few.
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