July 29, 2015 - Grassroots Leadership Opportunity & Preemption Watch Facebook Page
Grassroots activists have the ability to dramatically improve the health and safety of their communities, states, and the nation by building effective grassroots movements. Grassroots movements can and do change society for the better.

Effective grassroots movements combine three critical elements: Passion, Strategy and Capacity. Grassroots Change is now offering a three-part series of evidence- and practice-based workshops to develop and strengthen grassroots movement leaders working across public health and safety issues. Our customized and facilitated workshops address these three key elements and can be implemented in a series of single-day workshops or a single, multi-day retreat.
Download an overview of our Grassroots Leaders Workshops. To learn more, contact us at or 510-452-9419.
Preemption Watch, a project of Grassroots Change, has a new Facebook page! Preemption Watch monitors, analyzes, and counters federal and state preemption. Please “like” us on Facebook and share our page with others who may be interested. And let us know about preemption threats at the federal and state levels so we can include them. 
For more information and resources on countering preemption, see our Preemption Watch Facebook page and webpage.
                            Mark Pertschuk                                                Casey Tran                               
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Grassroots Change supports grassroots public health and safety movements. We’re joined together by a shared belief in the power of grassroots movements and a commitment to improving the lives of all Americans – whether that means access to healthy foods, violence prevention, paid sick days, or reconnecting children with nature. Preemption Watch is a project of Grassroots Change.
Grassroots Change
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Support for this project is provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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