September 16, 2015 - Food Bank Builds Powerful Movement for Change
September is Hunger Action Month, and around the country food banks are expanding their power by building grassroots movements to fight hunger and poverty. The Alameda County Community Food Bank has been a leader in that movement by engaging grassroots leaders in an organized movement for policy and social change. These passionate leaders provide a voice for the community and those impacted by food insecurity by educating policy makers, speaking about their own experiences with hunger, and participating in policy campaigns. These grassroots advocates have already achieved key policy wins but they’re not stopping.
Long-time advocate Edlyn Countee gives this advice to other advocates: “Be real, tell the real story, and paint a picture. Not everyone is a textbook case.” She connects with others because she knows from personal experience what it actually feels like to be working but still unable to put food on the table.
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Since 2009, Grassroots Change has supported dozens of successful grassroots movements through our direct services, tools, strategic guidance, leadership, and technical support. Our new introductory packet offers a concise overview of our tools and services and features key background information to help grassroots leaders build authentic and powerful movements. The packet is an opportunity for partners to learn more about our work and available services.
See our new Movement Building Intro Pack
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Grassroots Change supports grassroots public health and safety movements. We’re joined together by a shared belief in the power of grassroots movements and a commitment to improving the lives of all Americans – whether that means access to healthy foods, violence prevention, paid sick days, or reconnecting children with nature. Preemption Watch is a project of Grassroots Change.
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