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The warmth of new life melts the snow
"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." Albert Einstein
I took this photograph in my garden last winter. It shows the new shoots of spring flowers which grow on the grassy bank underneath the oak tree. I was deeply moved by the power of these tender green leaves to push through the ice, and melt the snow, in order to reach the light. To me, this is true mystery, true beauty.
It is this deep sense of 'The Great Mystery' that draws me ever onward in my spiritual journey. Like my ancestors before me, those who walked this green land centuries ago with their prayers, blessings and sacred chants that grew out of the shape of the hills and the colours of the sky, I seek glimpses of the Divine in even the smallest of experiences that cross my path as I walk through the valley. On a good day, I am gifted with an insight into the Mystery of Life that stirs my heart and brings fresh impetus to my searching for wholeness and unity. 

This tiny plant was a great gift on that cold morning, last winter. I remember it particularly because it was one of those days when the light and joy of life seemed far beyond my reach. Life isn't always kind. Like many others, I have learned that if I can keep my eyes open, even if I can manage nothing else, I may open myself to a sight or sound or feeling that re-connects me to the Light within me, the Light within the land, within all that is created. 

This is a special time of year for me, when I walk the land with a sense of awakening, even though the earth seems asleep beneath the frozen soil.  We are approaching the Celtic festival of Imbolc, the first of the spring festivals, which is dedicated to Brighid. She represents the archetypal energy of healing, poetic inspiration, smithcraft and midwifery. Legend tells us that she enfolds us in her blue mantle of love and brings the light of new light and life to us in the dark days of February. It was at Imbolc, over twenty years ago, that I first met the Celtic harp and found my feet on this path.

I have much to be thankful for. In this work which I feel blessed to do, I am gifted with many opportunities to experience the beauty of mystery. Sometimes it is the haunting sound of wind playing the strings of my harp as I sit by the waves on one of the Holy Islands. Other times, it is witnessing the birthing of a new insight or creative impulse in the heart and life of a companion who is sharing their spiritual or musical journey with me. 

As the first real snowfall covers the land today, I can still see the green tips of spring flowers peeping through the white and am reminded that new life is stirring and spring is just around the corner. 

I am very excited about the Holy Islands Retreats and the 'Play Spiritual Harp' weekends which are coming up this year. You can find out more about these below, and also about how you can work with Brighid's healing energy through a special service which I am offering this year, for the first time. Click on the photos below to find out more. 

Sending you love and Brighid's bright blessings
Julie x

Work with Brighid's Healing Light 
A new service is available this year - 'Soul Talk', which follows the ancient Celtic tradition of the 'soul friend'. 

Julie offers dedicated time to share your soul's journey, as a personalised service, through Skype, or by phone. Celtic Harp Essences and music may be included, as appropriate. Click on the photo for more 
There are three places available for 'Soul Talk - Brighid's Healing Light'. 
Special Offer for February - One hour costs £40 (full price £50)
Find out more here....
Work with Brighid's Healing Light 
Julie has created a unique range of Celtic Harp Essences and music. The essences are vibrational remedies which contain the healing vibrations of her harp, played with a specific sacred intention.
Support your healing journey with Brighid's Light at Imbolc with the beautiful Brighid Harp Essence and CD of Brighid Music. Click on the photo to read more.
In 200 year old Yorkshire farm cottages, we will look out at this beautiful valley and share our heart's music through intuitive playing on the Celtic harp. 
Suitable for complete beginners and also for experienced harp players who wish to develop a more intuitive approach to creating their own 'spiritual harp music'. 
with Julie and the Harp
I am offering a limited number of personal consultations with the harp in Skipton.
These can be:
  • harp tutorials for developing your harp playing
  • therapeutic harp time to support wellbeing and healing
"Holy Islands"

Spiritual Harp Retreats 2016
'Holy Island'

July 2016

Four days of sacred time and space, on the holy isle of Lindisfarne. We will:
  • Meditate with the music of the harp by the sea (weather permitting!)
  • Experience the peace of the harp played at sacred sites on Lindisfarne
  • Find inspiration from the daily spiritual practices of our Celtic ancestors
Places will be limited for this retreat. Find out more by clicking on the 'Lindisfarne' button.
Express interest - Lindisfarne 2016
The Isle of Iona

'Iona Essence Retreat' 

June 2016
Five days of sacred time and space, when we will be held in the light and ancient spiritual energy of Iona, as we:
  • Meditate with the music of the harp on the seashore (weather permitting!)
  • Experience the peace of the harp played at sacred sites on Iona
  • Find inspiration from the daily spiritual practices of our Celtic ancestors
Places will be limited for this retreat. Find out more by clicking on the Iona button.
Express Interest - Iona 2016
These alder buds are blooming already .....the promise of renewal is all around, if we have the eyes to see it.
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